How to add hub to my account?

When I log in my account and find my hub, click hub redirected to local ip address instead register to my account. I can see my hub at home but not by mobile app through internet. Please help

I'm having a bit of trouble with your syntax. So if you go to do you see your hub? If so it's already registered. (Do you see on PC and Mobile?) Can you go directly to the ip address via browser?


First, welcome aboard. Second, I deleted your other post not only because it was revealing unique hub information, but also because one post is sufficient.

Do you mind sharing what color the LED on the hub is showing?

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Quick update. It looks like you were able to register the hub 3 days ago, with the email address that you are using in the community. However, your hub is no longer connected to the cloud. If you attempted to set a static IP, you may have accidentally blocked hub's access to the internet. If that's the case, turn the hub over and use the point of a pen to press the small button just beneath the surface of the hub casing for at least 10 seconds to reset the network settings. Other than that, be sure to check your router's firewall settings to ensure that your hub is allowed to connect to the internet.


3 days ago, I registered a new hub, but the hub zigbee is always not working. I replaced the hub from Amazon. The replaced one has no problem for zigbee, but not registered.

Solid green.

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The MAC address that you shared in your other post, was that the old hub? If so, please send me a private message with your new hub's MAC address and will go from there.

Was this hub previously registered?

I didn't see hub at on both pc and mobile app. I could find my hub by mac after log in my account. When I click connect to icon after find hub, it pop up local address in my browser. I can access to the hub via local address.

I registered another hub to my account before but de-register it before replaced by Amazon because zigbee doesn't work. This replaced hub is never showed up in my account but works fine locally with IP address in browser.

IP address is current hub.

I need the MAC address from the hub itself.

Thanks. I got it and deleted your post, because that number is unique to your hub.

That is the same MAC address you shared yesterday. The hub is registered with your email address but no longer connected to the cloud. The fact that it has green light, and that you are able to access it from your local network, it means the hub is working properly. You just need to figure out what is blocking hub's access to connect to the internet. Some times, simply rebooting the hub from Settings resolves the problem, unless something within your network is blocking the hub.

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I changed IP address to static after initial setup. I will change it back now.

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After I changed dynamic IP address, I see hub in my account in browser. However when I open mobile app, the screen is freezing at claim hub. Do I need to remove app and install mobile app again?

Please sign up for the beta, that issue has been fixed in the most recent release.


Alternatively, you can remove and reinstall the app.

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After remove and reinstall app, I am able to see hub. Thanks. Problem solved by change static IP address to dynamic IP address. Thanks.

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