How do you use TTS?

No, I use MediaRenderer and the DLNA Player driver.
It's not a Hubitat issue. The Fabriq app can play media directly, it suffers the same problem.

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I want to be notified when a agenda point is starting or starting in x minutes. I'm using google agenda, anyone got this working?

Wow you all rock with TTS! I just have the announcement of security doors opening/closing, when the ring door bell is pressed "There is someone at the front door." Soon I will have laundry, Dishwasher and HSM going as soon as I get the locks over to HE. I love the list and ideas too btw! Thank you all for sharing!!

Are you a French speaker? You say Google Agenda, so I assume you mean Google Calendar, One way to do it would be to use IFTTT where you can specify the number of minutes before an event starts and then the trigger fires. Don't think using that method there's a way to pass the event detail onto HE, so your notifications would be generic (i.e. "You next event will start in 15 minutes").

Haha no im dutch but yes i meant calendar. Yea i saw that possibility but i want to announce what the event is

You might be able to port GCal Search and modify it to what you're looking for. I don't believe it has that capability right now, just fires pistons, similar to what you can do with IFTTT. But the foundation is there.

You honestly will probably get further with Google Home and eventually Alexa. What you want could be accomplished with Google Assistant Relay right now. May already be a native capability of Google Home, I'm not sure though as I don't use Google Home in that way. However, I do know that you can use IFTTT to trigger an HE switch x minutes before your next event, and setup a rule to silently ask Google for your next event, then get a response via [CCC]Hey Google, what's my next event?

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I'm sorry if this has this been already discussed..

Is there a way to trigger TTS in amazon echo? Or even a tablet?

I had ST before and used Big talker and lannoucer to get the tablet to talk.

Currently I have one sonos that is tied to TTS but dont want to buy another Sonos :confused:

Big Talker is ported. I believe Lannouncer is also ported and working.

Alexa TTS is possible, but requires a script running on a separate RPi or PC. And there's a cookie you need to get from Amazon to make it work. Eventually, it should be possible to trigger a virtual device and have Alexa say what you want via an Alexa Routine, but this will require the Hubitat Alexa Skill to be updated as the SmartThings skill is now for contact sensors and motion sensors.


Huh, that's good to know it's possible. Hoping it comes sooner than later!

This Alexa TTS doesn't require a seperate script on RPi or PC: [Beta Release] Amazon Alexa Text to Speech v0.4.1 - Direct Integration (USA, Canada, & UK)

It works well, but still requires the Amazon cookie every 2 weeks.

Ryan780 helped me get the cast-web-api running on my rPi and then linked the device and app. I have my HSM running alerts that include TTS to my Google Home devices when one of the entry doors have been left open for more than 2 minutes, and also when my daughter's door opens during designated bed times / nap times so I have a heads up to shut down any movies or video games me and my wife are playing that could be unsuitable for her before she walks into the living room.

Also using it when mode != away and time = X and again when time = Y to remind me to take medication on the weekends when I am out of my usual wake up routine.

This is rather superfluous but I really want to find a zigbee or z-wave wireless probe thermometer for my oven so I can slow cook meat or home brew and have it alert me when it gets to exactly the right temperature using TTS.

Ever since having a kiddo I find that voice prompts do a lot more than things like the Assistant reminders from Google which I miss unless I have my phone on my and actually notice the alert or vibration. Hard to miss the en-UK "Take your damn pills!" broadcast.

Any ELI5 guides for setting up the TTS to Google Home?

Anyone got Alexa TTS working in Australia ??
I've been hoping something similar would appear for Google Home Mini that doesn't require another "always on" device. Even a low powered one such as a RPi.

Why would a RPi be objectionable? The power use is so low, you'd be hard pressed to show the difference on your electric bill. Google Assistant Relay is more valuable than just as a TTS device, since you can issue silent commands to anything Google Assistant supports.


An ethernet connected 3B uses a whopping ~3W of power. That's a killer. :wink:

In all seriousness, it uses less power on average than many appliances use when on standby, At my electrical rate it would be around 21 cents a month.

Hey every little bit adds up. I look at power seriously because in CT we have the second highest power costs in the country. On top of that I just found out on Jan 1st my energy bill will go up 20% which is a crazy increase from 1 yr to the next.

It’s not the power at all. It’s having to manage another device. :blush:
Patch, update, secure, etc.
Especially as our stupid government (Australian) has just nixed “encryption” for everyone !!!
They’ve basically legislated “back doors” into anything that was secure.
Unbelievable !!

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I get it... Everyone needs to decide what is important to them. My point is that even at California electricity rates a RPi only uses 60 cents a month... For me that isn't worth chasing if it provides a function I want.

But I'm not being judgmental. Seriously - everyone has different drivers and things that are important to them.

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The problem is if it was only a couple devices no issue, but I know in my case I have tons of devices running 24/7 each one only use a small amount, but they add up. The thing is if it was only the electricity that was high it wouldn't be too bad. But unfortunately where I live the cost of living is very high, pretty close to NYC costs, but not quite, if they could tax the air in this state they would.

Completely agree on an additional device to manage. I try to put as much as I can on my Freenas server because its already running 24/7, so why add another device to manage when I already have a very powerful PC sitting idle most of the time.

The crazy part is everyone says power is expensive. My job has made me realize how incredibly cheap it is for the amount of work that goes into generating it...

I salute every amp that pulses into my house for its hard work.