How do i send wake up interval parameter

Z-wave (not plus) deivce:
Got a radiator TRV valve (same model has been rebranded by "danfoss", "popp", "donexon" and few others)
I have not found the specific driver for it so using "generic z-wave thermostat" this allows me to control the setpoint and monitor the current temperature.
However, the device specifies, it needs its "wake up interval" set in order to report back once installed.
I am unable to do this. Perhaps i could use another device driver that has access to this parameter, set it and then go back to the generic driver that seems best suited for the time being.

Alternatively, how can i send a z-wave command?

Look at

and see that will do what you need.

thanks- that does allow setting various parameters.
I've never done anything like before so how would i achieve that based on the spec-sheet:

I generally prefer just setting the parameter, and start by finding the device specs ( is a good place to start) to determine the parameter number, size and values.

that makes sense but i cant identify the parameter number required to make the configuration.
I assume it is a parameterNumber i need rather than some other text/value ?

What is the model number and manufacturer listed on the device?

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"ZWE connect" device data

  • deviceType: 277
  • inClusters: 0x80,0x46,0x81,0x72,0x8F,0x75,0x31,0x43,0x86,0x84
  • zwNodeInfo: 53 9C 00 04 08 04 80 46 81 72 8F 75 31 43 86 84 EF 46 81 8F 68 23
  • outClusters: 0x46,0x81,0x8F
  • zwNNUR: 12
  • protocolVersion: 3.67
  • hardwareVersion: null
  • zwWakeupInterval: 1800
  • firmwareVersion: 1.0
  • deviceId: 40976
  • manufacturer: 2

should i be setting it by a string in the advanced section?

I use the driver of mark.cockcroft for 4 popp / danfoss devices:

There is an option to set the wakeup interval.

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fantastic. thank you.
Will try this and see if it does the trick.