[Release] Danfoss Living Connect and POPP Radiator Thermostat

First pass as the ST version i had running didnt work



Hi I have the very same Radiator thermostats. Are your working? Neither of links work above. Could you please post your drivers here?

I've thrown a lot of time trying to get these to work with very limited success so far!

Try the raw link

Let me know how you get on

Not sure what is happening but the links still not working but I managed to find them anyway.
Are both types working for you?
I'm going to have a play now. Thanks!

I've fixed the link (I hope)
Yea they work fine for me. Just remember the daniflos (I think) doesn't report temp so the driver replaces what would be null for temp with the setpoint

only issue found was in summer when their not used is the lose the vale position so i have this rule to function them (it also runs the central heating to pump some water round but thats not real needed)

Ah, one of the last missing pieces in my migration from Smartthings. Thanks, will try this out!

These are working great now. I have also added a similar rule(no pumping). Thank you ever so much for writing this driver.

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I'm having issues where when I start to use these devices Zwave control eventually stops. Do you use Alexa to set the thermostats at all? I have tested this and it seems to work but I need to try doing something different to nail down what I am doing wrong. Can you also confirm that you use the built in Thermostat scheduler?

I Don't use the built in thermostat schedule.
Use Google no problem
Z-wave lock ups around once a week, try turning reporting frequency down, I have mine on 15 min.
I don't think it is the device, I just think if it starts sending reports at same time as another it overloads the hub, do a search for z-wave storms