How can I transfer my Hubitat hub to new owner?

I sold my home and need to transfer the hubitat to the new owner. When I log in to the website and go to "Registered Hubs", its saying there are no registered hubs under my email address. However on the android app, its showing the hub under registered hubs.

I've tried emailing "" a couple of times over the past few weeks but haven't gotten any responses.

@bobbyD , Can you assist?

Does this not work? (from the FAQ)

Log into with your current admin account and select Registered Hub then select Hub Details . On the Hub Details you will see a place where you can Replace existing Admin with a different Hubitat user. Be sure to create a Hubitat Account for your new email by visiting the following page: My Hubitat

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The reason is not showing is likely because the hub is not online. Please make sure the new owner is able to connect the hub to the cloud. After all the sole purpose of hub registration is to enable cloud services. Once the hub is online, follow the above steps listed by @aaiyar.

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This kind of has me wondering, would it make sense to set up a generic email address for the house, say, then change the admin email to that address? That way if you sell the house (and leave the hubs) , you only have to give them the log in for that associated email address? Would probably consider doing that for any associated cloud systems, monitoring, (Ecobee, Rachio, Solar monitoring systems), etc


Makes good sense. And I think that @672southmain has been recommending this approach for a while.


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