Change the admin email associated with my hub

My Hubitat hub is associated with the email: '', and I would like to change this to: ''

I came across this thread: How can I transfer my Hubitat hub to new owner?
Based on that, I created the new account '' in ''

Then followed in the instructions to Replace the existingAdmin, but when I try it I get this message: 'User not found.'

On '', I can log into the account, so the account is active (and it correctly indicates that there are no hubs associated with the account.

Can someone point out if I am missing a step in the process?



I can help you with that. Please send me a private message with your hub ID/MAC address along with the email address that your hub is registered

Hi @bobbyD ,

I am trying this option now, but the input box for the Replace email address and button are disabled when logging in with my current admin email. Any advice? The new email is registered as user and has Guest access to the hub. I tried 3 different browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome)

Cheers Rene

Can you please remove the guest account, then try again?

Hi @bobbyD,

I tried that first, and now again, but the field for the replacement remains grayed out. Also Hub reboot did not change anything.

Thanks for your feedback. We are looking into it.

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