HousePanel Dashboard App for Hubitat


[RELEASE] V2.100

Details provided in the crosslinked post on the ST forum:


If you need some beta testing for HA let me know.... so long as I don't have to use docker LOL


I don’t have a HA integration implemented yet but if you want to use the Hubitat or SmartThings version, go for it. All you need to know is documented over at There are tons of features that need battle testing so creative and aggressive users are welcome. Here is a list of some of the more unique features that you will not likely find on any other dashboard product:

  • fully customizable look using either industry standard CSS editing or a full featured integrated GUI

  • multi user support with each user having their own look and feel

  • macros to string multiple commands together assigned to a user defined field on any tile

  • external function calls using POST or GET or PUT

  • API mode to control your home from other web applications

  • three pre-defined skins and unlimited options for defining user specific skins

  • custom tile creation supporting user text fields and the mixing and matching of fields from any other tile

  • music device support with active song art displayed based on public web search results

  • ability to place icons anywhere on screen using drag and drop

  • simple automation support - when motion or door sensors are linked to lights their actions will turn light on and off accordingly

  • ability to assign a password to any specific tile

As you can see from this list, HousePanel is filled with many features. I’m an army of one so some of these features have not been deeply tested under all conditions so I welcome new users and testers.



I'll have a go at this next week--or maybe this weekend and let you know the progress I get.


Version 2.103 was released today. This version includes improved Album Art handling when you have the push app installed. This version also includes updates to handle water sensors with icons now provided.