HousePanel Dashboard App for Hubitat


I noticed what I thought might be a bug but I was able to work around it... With the new security, the app now requires a 6 character username. For those of us running for a while, we might not have that... Plus the admin account is only 5 as well... I found the ref in the housepanel.js file and changed it back to 4...

Anyway, I found this when I went to re-authorize after adding some devices... Wouldn't let me use anything including the admin account until I changed it... But it threw up a very specific error so I'm not sure it whats happening here with gilbert...


Interesting, hmconfig is definitely not writeable, how cookies is a real possibility. I'll have to try that as well as SSH when I get back to my Pi and see how it goes.

One thing I did try was deleting the hmconfig file hoping that would result in a "first time session", but that didn't do it either.

I'll report out in the next day or so on the findings of the other things.



As usual, @pdupper was right in flagging some problems with the code. I fixed them and uploaded a Version 2.084 that should work much better. To reset your code do the following:

  • ssh into your rPI and change the permissions of hmoptions.cfg and hm_.cfg using:
    sudo chmod 777 hm
  • you should also make sure your customtiles.css file is writeable using same method
  • replace housepanel.php and housepanel.js from this new version 2.084 in github
  • launch housepanel.php?code=reset

The special launch method will force the auth page to load where you can specify your new username and password.


The updated version reverts this to 3 plus admin is recognized separately now.


Coolio... Thanks again! :grin:


V2.087 Posted tonight with minor formatting updates to Info Page.

This update includes 2.096 which added a new useful install feature to the script for updating HousePanel reliably. This now asks if you are updating and if so it retrieves the files that typically change and replaces them in your designated folder. This keeps all your customization files. I still strongly recommend backing up your main folder periodically just in case.

I should also mention that I added a bunch of lightweight GitHub tags tied to key release versions. Just do a git tag -l to see what they all are.


Hey Ken, I have a question on something that has been bugging me for a while. I'm sure it must be something in how I have setup the interface... When I hit the login screen, no matter from what device or where, it is instant. However, after I load in my credentials and hit the button, it takes a few seconds, sometimes 20-30 for it to actually hit the web interface. Is this time attributed to authentication or just the loading of the information. I do have a lot of devices, on 11 different tabs and a lot of them are custom tiles... I'm using a RPi 3B+ to serve it all up... Once on the HousePanel screen, it is super fast and I have never had a problem... As you know, I think your offering is awesome... I'm just struggling a bit with the login process... Even with stored credentials, it takes a bit to login... Sometimes this is an issue for me or a family member when trying to quickly change HSM or open a door, etc. In the end however, its not critical and I will be fine with it... The reason I bring it up is wondering if there is something I have somewhere that is causing it or if I'm overrunning the processing of my Pi?


Any guide out there for installing the app via Mac and Homebrew?

I have uninstalled OSX apache service, installed latest apache via Brew. Changed port form 8080 to 80, set server name to local IP in httpd.conf
Installed wget via Brew

Then installed HP via "wget"

Installation completes, but cannot access via Chrome :frowning:


If the install script finished without errors the app should work. Please try loading the phpinfo.php file into your browser to check if your web server is working with PHP. Also make sure you have the groovy app installed on the Hubitat hub.


the login step takes time because it loads all the things and sets up all your custom tiles. The hub reading process is slow and so is the custom tile setup process. If you have cookies set and stay logged in then this step is not needed often. This is how I use the panel. I log in and just keep the panel open that way quick access is just a tap away. With the new tile specific password feature you can add passwords to sensitive tiles to avoid worrying about having the panel live all the time. If you have other reasons to force family members to log in all the time there is no easy fix other than scrubbing through the code to see where I can speed it up. I have 300 devices and my load takes about 10 seconds so longer than that doesn’t seem right. Wish I had a better answer for you.


I have about 200 devices on my hub. Not all of them are authorized in HP but a majority are... I also have a lot of customization on my tiles with custom icons, etc... Its taking between 10-40 seconds to load... Depending on if I cam local or remote... Again, once it loads, it's instant... I figured it must be something in the loading... Probably something I have done to complicate it... The only time I really get frustrated is when someone sets off an alarm and I'm trying to quickly get in to turn it off... :sweat_smile:


The slow loading part is the reading of the hub data and storing it in a session variable. The code won't do anything until that step completes. I will look into speeding it up.


[RELEASE] HousePanel V2.090 - changes Hubitat HubId to the actual HubId instead of using App ID as before. This was done to support the second change which is reporting of use by Hub ID to my central server. At present I don’t do anything with this info but I might in the future. It just gathers anonymous usage stats by taking a hash of the each HubId authenticated. From an end user perspective this doesn’t change any functionality of the code other than you will end up adding a new Hubitat hub. You can delete the old one if you like from the auth page but it can hang around too if you don’t want to bother.


Suggest you buy a physical button to do this and wire it up with RM to disable your alarm. I use the Aeon minimotes and I love them. Unfortunately you can't find the old ones but the new square ones are still pretty good. Just Velcro one of these next to your tablet for high priority critical actions.


@kewashi Are you also the developer for the HA version ?


Well... um... er... no since I didn’t know there was an HA version. Then again the source is all out there so it isn’t surprising that some dude did this. I would appreciate some sort of note or reference. Can you point me to where I can find this version?


I just just checked the Home Assistant website integrations page under other and front end and neither list HousePanel so I’m not sure what you are referring to. The multi-hub support is set up to enable this to easily happen but I just haven’t had the time or the motivation to do this. Welcome any insight I might be missing.



Oh they called it Home Panel but its still the same setup as yours.


I just checked it out and it is a completely different tool built by a different person. They use the same weather widget so that looks identical. There are lots of similarities in how it looks on the surface for any one tab of HousePanel, but that's where the similarities end. I like how they set it up for a docker install --- that is on my "todo" list.