HousePanel Dashboard App for Hubitat


Thank you. :slight_smile: I'm gonna wait until you make the other change... I started to go into each tile and individually show/hide but I don't want to mess it up if your change occurs somewhere else...


I’m working on it now. It turns out that doing it right is harder than I thought it was going to be because I store custom names in the room list and I should store them in the index list. Fixing this is an architecture change that I can’t take on now, but I can change the update query to remove the native name so things don’t get overwritten. That is a quick fix until I do the architecture change later.

Also, what you are doing will still work and will always work. This is basically how I use custom names. Another thing that will work is to use the tile customizer to replace the name field with your custom name. Custom fields apply after tile updates so you could do that now and it will fix your problem; however, tile by tile customization can be tedious.


I'll defer to you... Will the update query change be out soon? I have 11 rooms with 10-15 device tiles in each... I thought about trying to apply something to "All tiles" but was worried I might break something... I've put in a lot of time on each tile already making sure they all are symmetrical and have custom icons... Not looking forward to going through each one by one again... :joy:

Again, you have done some awesome work here. I played with sharp tools for about a second before dumping it. Your app is the best...

I want to try to integrate some security video and did some reading yesterday... I'm not a programmer so there is a pretty good learning curve for me.


I will have something out today. Probably in 3 hours.


Coolio. Thanks again.


Try it now, I’m still not really happy with it but it should work, and I ran out of time to make it perfect.


Will do... :slight_smile:


Not working for me. Switches back after a few seconds.

Unless the github file wasn’t updated yet. I downloaded the entire directory as a zip and pulled out the php.

Just left for a few and checking remotely.


Only file updated was housepanel.php so just grab that one. Takes a few hours for zip to be updated I think. If that still doesn’t work then something is still amuck. I didn’t have a lot of time to test it.

I do know that the customizer TEXT replacement of name fields works really well, but that would require you to edit your tiles one by one. Sorry about that. Another option is to download the hmoptions.cfg file and manually edit it to create customized names. The format of tile customizer inside that file isn’t obvious but it is workable and probably easier todo than one by one tile edits. To do that edit one tile using the customizer then download the file and mimick the format for others. Then upload the file and set the permissions back to 777.


Yeah, it still doesn't work.. Just to make sure, I copied the code directly to confirm I had the new stuff... Still switched back to the original names... Sorry...


Okay - thanks for trying. I’m on travel for my day job all this week in China so I won’t be able to help much. Your best bet is to try the tile customizer or to change your skin to use the headers which do use the custom names. So sorry about that — I just ran out of time before I had to catch my flight. I’m actually on the plane WiFi as we speak responding to you.

By the way, I love the look for your icons and what you did with the modern skin. Really nicely done.


Thanks! I was traveling all last week and working on this remotely... I also tried the plane WiFi just to say I did... Turned on some lights, etc., just to mess with the family... :slight_smile: Anyway, thanks again for all your hard work and be safe!


Hi good people! I am back in the US after a long trip abroad. I won’t be at my computer again until Wednesday but I have been collecting a lot of ideas that I will work on as soon as I do. At the top of this list is fixing the name issue that @pdupper reported per above. I also have a GUI for the new macro feature about ready to roll. I am also working on adding a status field that reports the time of the last few actions for the tile. I also need to fix the clocks to use the user provided time zone. The js file currently uses the local time zone to update the clock every second which overrides the php code version. Most people won’t notice this but I did when I was traveling.


Awesome! Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:


The custom name fields are really fixed this time. I finally got home and had time to fix the bug and fully test it. Other stuff I mentioned is still under development.


Works perfectly!


Hi, just an FYI
I just installed HP 2.031 via the install routine and it installed everything into: /var/www/html/housepanel/HousePanel-master/
Instead of the expected:
It also threw a bunch of errors at the end of the install routine during the housepanel-push install, I assume because the files were not in the expected location.
I moved all the files and folders up one level and everything seems to be working
Edit: I had to redo the push install manually to get it working



Thanks for the feedback. Will help me debut things. Latest version is 2.040 so that may be the problem. If you have it installed I would change anything beyond refreshing the main files manually.


Any possibility of further development for HSM? Specifically, so more of the arming/disarming and cancelling features can be more easily activated... Since there are still some issues with the keypads, I find myself having to arm/disarm and also cancel alarms from the Huitat dashboard. If i could do those things from HP, I'd never need to use the Hubitat dashboard at all... :slight_smile:


I thought that was already supported? I don't use it so I haven't tested. Let me look at it and get back with you. The design intent is to rotate from arm to disarm to arm away etc as you click on the icon in the HSM tile.