HousePanel Dashboard App for Hubitat


Well of course I could not wait. HP has me all engaged again... Just a couple of more things. Not sure if the first is going to matter after you make all the css adjustments.

First - Is it possible for the dimmer slider to be reduced in percentage so it is maybe 80% of the tile - I think this would keep it from running over the edge of the tiles?

Second instead of toggle to the next setting for HSM/Mode, could there be a selector added that could pop up and allow you to select which setting you want? Similar to the pop up for the color lights?


As always feel free to ignore any and all suggestions. Keep up the great work Ken.


The slider edit is a good suggestion. Easy to do and will make the next push.

The HSM rotation change to pick a mode is harder. The base infrastructure is set up to "do something" when you click on a tile with an action. It isn't set up to "launch a dialog" to pick options. Color picks are a special case that required me to install a 3rd party addon that was a huge pain in the butt to get to work with the model. Like always anything is possible but this isn't an easy one. What I would prefer to do is change the infrastructure to allow options to be selected for everything when clicked as an option. Maybe in a future release. For now I am releasing the CSS fix which gives users the flexibility to have a customtiles file tied to each skin.


Hi Good People!!!

Today I am releasing Version 1.920 of HousePanel with some important updates.

  • enable skin editing on the main page
  • connect customtiles to each skin to each one has its own. this means all customizations are saved in the skin directory too
  • migrated fixed portions of skin to tileedit.css
  • fix plain skin to use as skin swapping demo

The most important thing this means is that new skins can now be made with minimal effort, with other aspects of the web app styling intact. New skins can also have their own unique customtiles.css file. Behind the scenes this works by copying the current custom css file to your skin directory every time you edit it. Then when skins are swapped it uses the skin's version. You can use this feature to make skins using the Tile Editor.

Hope you all enjoy. Improvements will continue as always.


Hi folks ... and @cwwilson08
Per the request above, I implemented a crazy cool feature, that allows power users to create hybrid custom tiles combining any attribute from any other tile. First, a demo. In the first custom tile I display the temperature from a thermostat, a thermostat setting, and a light bulb - all bundled in one custom tile. In the second one I show a light, a SHM status, and the tile from the clock - again, all bundled in one custom tile.

When you click on the bulb, the original referenced light will activate. Any things that have actions will work. The only two limitations are (1) you can't reference more than one tile item of the same type, and (2) you can only reference tiles from the first authenticated hub. So you can't combine two light switches but you can combine a light switch with anything else.

To create this magic, one has to edit the hmoptions.cfg file. There are 8 custom tiles available. To define a custom tile, add a custom_n section where "n" is a number 1 through 8. Then add an array of arrays identifying the referenced tile and the sub-element desired. Here's what the definitions look like for the above demo:

"custom_3":[["LINK","121","temperature"],["LINK","282","thermomode"], ["LINK","78","switch"]],
"custom_4":[["LINK","62","switch"], ["LINK","62","level"], ["LINK","145","state"], ["LINK","149","time"]],

The word "LINK" must be there. the integers are the tile numbers that can be found on the Info page. The third parameter is the item to display. The default styling will be borrowed, but in some cases it won't. For example, the bulb styling was borrowed but SHM wasn't. This is because the skin file defined the SHM styling using div.shm.state and this custom tile is div.custom.state. Bulb styling works because the skin uses simply div.switch for default styling. One can always change this or modify it in the editor.

I should mention that in addition to "LINK" types, you can still use "POST", "GET", and "PUT" and an adhoc web call will be made with the results returned in the tile. You can even mix this with the LINK. Finally, "TEXT" can be used too and the values given will be passed directly to the panel without interpretation.

This is a super flexible feature that has endless possibilities. It was the result of @cwwilson08 request to have a simple way to grab a unique thing from any tile. You can certainly do that by using a single LINK item in your hmoptions.cfg file. I intentionally didn't enable this in the TileEditor for now because I want people to use it first and provide feedback - so the approach might change.


And here's an example that uses TEXT and POST custom tiles together in a single hybrid.


In this example, I defined a Stringify external POST call using their "maker" feature. The definition in the hmoptions.cfg file are:

"custom_2":[["TEXT", "Stringify", "text"],  ["POST", "https:\/\/\/v1\/events\/blahblahblah", "post"]],

the "blahblahblah" is a unique authstring provided by Stringify. This can be anything that will return a result or perform an action. Any values returned will be displayed as shown above.


Ken that is phenomenal. Thank you so much.


It was an amazing idea and fun to work on and develop. I updated the default skin to include custom in more things so the example above will render better now. Will look like this by default:


Let me know what you make with this!


Posted bugfix to custom tiles - the LINK addition broke GET and POST features but now it is fixed.

I also noticed an important limitation of these new LINK hybrid tiles - they do not update via the rapid polling method, so to get the current state you have to do a refresh. I'll fix this later.


Hi Ken,
I am having a difficult time making this work. No matter what I do my custom tiles say not configured.

I have tried adding your example string in a couple of different ways / places.

  1. As a new line at the bottom of the file. - When I refresh HP it takes me to auth page.

  2. Tried adding it a couple lines up so it was within the bottom curly brackets - Get not configured.

  3. Tried editing the exisitng custom tile line in a few different ways to have your example line with results of those of either 1 or 2.

I am sure I am missing something. Can you post a screen of what your hmoptions.cfg looks like with these lines in it?


sure... here you go. There is a comma at the end of the blacked out line...


Also, make sure you do a "Refresh" after you upload your new file. That forces HP to read and create the custom tiles.


So it should work like this then?

I just keep getting not configured. I will keep messing with it...



Got it to work. I deleted my hmoptions file and reauthed. The custom tile worked on the first try.

And my first go at a linked tile. My contact and door lock together in one


Obviously need some styling - but this is a very cool feature.


Glad you got it man... I wonder why you had to reauth? Anyway, looking good. Yes, I love this new feature. The underlying architecture of HousePanel is very flexible and this new feature shows that off. So this is a nod to the architecture more than to this specific feature - but then again, from a customer point of view nobody cares about the underpinnings. But when you have it right - all sorts of good things follow.


I guess this means I need to get cracking on the fix to enable custom tiles to update when the system is polled once a minute.

[EDIT] Done with latest update.


Not sure either - But from your screenshot of your hmoptions.cfg file the layout of mine looked different. I thought maybe I had carried it forward from a few too many upgrades. So I backed it up and started over. it immediately started working. LOL often times I do not argue with results.

I am noticing though that any time I edit the custom lines, save the file, then refresh housepanel the custom tiles are no longer present in the dashboard. Adding them back is no problem wondering if it only me.


that happens probably because you didn't download the version of the file that had the custom tile added to your room.


Happy Thanksgiving good people!

Today I uploaded a patch that includes polling for the new custom tiles plus other bug fixes.

This version also has new tile edit features plus some new Sonos icons.



Hi friends... if you have an updated hub to the new UI version 2.0 or later, the local OAUTH flow is currently inoperable. The Hubitat staff are looking into fixing it so stay tuned. In the mean time you can authenticate using the cloud endpoint or you can enter a manual access code using the info printed in the log.


HousePanel Version 1.925 released tonight.

This version includes the patch for Hubitat broken zWave dimmers. More importantly, I added a cool new feature to edit borders of anything visual, including the entire tile. With this feature you can make tiles or elements of tiles round, square, rounded rectangles, and you can set their shadows or border thickness. It gives you all sorts of new visual options. Here's a demo of my Office where I changed my main light to a rounded rectangle with thick border and a white shadow.


Have fun with this...

By the way, you can also use this to make borders go away altogether so you have just icons. This is useful if you want to put your icons on a house floor plan.