HousePanel Dashboard App for Hubitat


I don’t know man... I checked again and my bulbs all work as advertised. I think for now I would just auth your hue bulbs as both switches and bulbs since that seems to work.

I fixed the room name save issue but haven’t uploaded it yet to GitHub. Should get to that tomorrow.

I will next work on a new clean skin that makes HousePanel look like ActionTiles or SharpTools.


Update posted tonight that fixes the page name error. This update also implements a feature requested by my wife that sets the screen to black with a single click. This way the tablet in our bedroom doesn't have to be turned off at night and can come back on quickly with a single screen tap. The timers are paused while the screen is blacked out and resume upon clearing. And as always I cleaned up a few minor bugs.

[EDIT] Minor but important fix to a bone head mistake I made with the latest post. If you grabbed this last night please grab updated housepanel.php file.


I am very excited about what I have been able to achieve with HousePanel. Coming back to the main thread now from here…

With regards to remote access, I discovered a service called Dataplicity.

This nicely solves the remote access problem by delivering an experience not unlike other commercial solutions (ie — Synology's QuickConnect) that enable an HTTPS tunnel that is maintained opportunistically. It's a lot easier to setup and it seems much more secure than opening/forwarding ports on your home network's router. The free tier of the service seems sufficient for HousePanel use. Anyone else testing this? Any gotchas? Anyone try an alternative similar service?



Very cool idea. I haven’t used it but I heard it works well for this type of experience. I just never considered using it with HP but now that you said it... makes total sense.

I would love to see a screen shot of your install when you have it all set up.


Every night I work on this and every night I find bugs ... sheeesh. Anyway the latest fixes a bug that made text edits on tabs not work properly. I also now disable styling for head on pages since the only thing that matters here is the name itself. Finally I fixed a really obscure bug that made all tiles edits not work right all the time. None of these are mission critical but all of them make the editor more usable and friendly.

Tonight was no different. I found and fixed an obscure bug that cause some switches to not toggle properly. This update unlike most requires a replacement of the groovy code. I also did more fine tuning of the TileEditor.


Continued tweaks to the editor and the inclusion of an awesome photo of the actress in the hit series Covert Affairs, Piper Perabo, in the media folder. Sorry, this isn't a WAF-compliant move, but I couldn't resist as I was looking for something fun to test the new background image feature. Here is my demo/test page:


Are the last two posts connected? I know all too well how the code addiction can diminish the "WAF" and hence lead to the need for stunning 2d images as a background ....

Piper may not be someone who tolerates such addictions either.

Just sayin'


LOL... just hearin... it's all good. My life is surprisingly well balanced for a geek...




So I wound up wiping my pi and starting from scratch yesterday. Not a fun undertaking but it was running like crap.

So fresh is, completely fresh HP and even removed the app from hubitat and started fresh.

I still am getting the strange behavior with hue lights. I can not find ryhme or reason as to why it works properly sometimes and breaks others.

Short of removing my hue lights from hubitat and starting fresh there is nothing left for me to test.

It honestly makes me sad. I have used HP for so long at this point. To have my wife tell me to turn it off is painful.

Gonna have to put aside unfortunately.

Thanks for all your support and help Ken.


Is this statement still true?
That is, I have to set up a separate Raspberry PI and put on it this HousePanel Dashboard?
Is that true for Hubitat only setups?


That statement is no longer true. I now do authentication properly using oauth2 flow. Older versions did it manually. Now it can authenticate a Hubitat install or a SmartThings install on a public site.


Thanks for the note Chris and it is sad to loose a loyal customer like you. I wish I knew what was going on but I can’t replicate the problem. Hopefully you find another good solution. Have you tried Sharptools? It seems similar.


Well Chris... believe it or not, but I finally replicated the bug you were seeing and shortly afterwards found the fix. It was very obscure. If you sill have HP installed the problem should now go away. Just update your housepanel.php file and do a "Refresh". Then all your Hue bulbs will now have tile numbers assigned. This one was not your fault so I am sorry about the headaches caused. In case you are wondering why it showed up sometimes and not other times, the reason is it only showed up when you added a Hubitat tile and then didn't assign it to a room.


@kewashi Oh wow, well done. Now lets see if @cwwilson08 can have one last crack at restoring HP operation and maintaining peace at home.
This is like a TV drama. LOL


I cannot get out of Kiosk mode to be able to edit.


I ran this command multiple times, I unclick Kiosk mode and save. It doesn't work, Next time I go back to Options page Kiosk is still checked.


Try downloading your hmoptions.cfg file and changing the setting using an editor, and re uploading it. My guess is your hmoptions file is not editable from the web.


weird part is it allowed me to turn on kiosk mode from this page


Seems to be working smoothly. I am cautiously optimistic. I will keep you updated.

Thank you Ken


Thanks for giving it another try. Let me know if you run into any other issues.