HousePanel Dashboard App for Hubitat


ATM all is well..


I am hoping for more advancement of the actual editor UI. A lot of bugs that is preventing me from adopting such as phantom clocks being added, lack of fixed positioning, skin design isn’t visually appealing like skin-material, and finally more menu flexibility. Of course this IS the best 3rd party onsite dashboard solution.


Thanks for the feedback aaron. All valid points - although I'm not sure I understand tixed positioning comment. In edit mode, each tile can be dragged anywhere on screen. If you mean elements within a given tile then yes you are right, this isn't possible (yet). What do you mean by phantom clocks? Each new page gets a clock by default but it can be removed. Regarding skins, I haven't given this any attention so the only skin guaranteed to look good for now is the default one. Some people like the clean look for skin-material so they should go for it. I made this panel because I wanted a customized look which is the default. I respect that some people won't like its look so they are invited to make their own skin. You can make it look however you want - skin-material is an example of that.

Thanks for the compliment on being the best 3rd party dashboard... I'm honored. Users like you and chris and others motivate me to make it keep getting better.


Branch “fixhttp” has this feature implemented. To use it just use custom_1 through custom_9 as the id in the API call and anything you send in the “value” parameter will be stored as the post value in an updated hmoptions.cfg file. If attr is sent that data will be stored in the text field. The tile will display this data upon the next refresh. Outward external http calls are still supported if the post data is provided by the user in the hmoptions file. Of course the inbound API use of custom tiles requir s the caller to be on the same network unless your panel is installed on an external network.


For some odd reason when I create a new tab and attempt to add devices to that tab suddenly all of the devices turn into analog clocks.

As for the fixed positioning you can move items in the tab window but as soon as you click save they shift into a row. Was hoping not to have to create blank spaces as in both ActionTiles and this is a HUGE pain.

Understand your skin for housepanel. Honestly it is really cool and I bet in your deployment in your home it looks great. We went quite modern here at the home. So the skin isn't getting a high WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) value. As for creating my own skin I am interested in helping but am not sure what I should reference to get started.

Look forward to your progress and as always very appreciative of you providing this to the community!


This isn’t normal. I will try to help you get this fixed. Try saving after you creat a meenpage and then doing a second edit mode to add things. Doing them back to back probably doesn’t work right.

And regarding the tile positioning, this sounds like a write permissions issue with your hmoptions.cfg file. I spent days working on the random tile position feature so I can assure you that it works once you have things set up properly.


Version 1.804 posted with merged in fixhttp branch.

Updates included with this version include:

  • Ability to post data to custom tiles from external API call
  • Cleaner output of returned values from custom POST calls
  • Update to skin-plain skin to work with current version
  • Bugfix for tile invert in TileEditor

This update also includes several other minor bug fixes and code cleanups.

@aaron - I tried to replicate your reported bug and was not successful, so something is probably not quite right with your setup. New pages don't spew random Analog clocks at least not on my installation.

Someone - I forgot who - was asking about a version without the backgrounds. The plain skin is now just a copy of the main skin but without the background images and tile images. It is a good starting point for users who want to write their own skin using their own icon set.

Finally, I tested the skin-material skin too and it amazingly enough it still works. The option icon in the bottom right corner is broken - not sure why. Until I figure that out if you use this skin just know that you will have to return to the Options page using the old manual trick of invoking the API as follows: housepanel.php?useajax=showoptions

[EDIT] Added minor fix to showinfo table...


Copy the entire skin-housepanel directory or the skin-plain directory to a new sub-directory called whatever you like - such as, skin-aaron

Then edit the housepanel.css file in that directory using standard CSS protocol. There are tons of web tutorials out there for doing CSS but a good way to figure it out is to just study the existing skin. The HP documentation is fairly detailed about what to reference. If all you want to do is use a more modern background then start with skin-housepanel and replace the photos. You can also use the icons in skin-material or the ones referenced in the TileEditor for more modern looking icons. In the Options page change the skin to the new directory. Upload your directory and you're set. You will need to iterate many times to get it to look the way you want. It is work but it is worth it to get the exact look you want. Once you are a close you can then use the tile editor to make small tweaks.

One other tip -- if you find a bunch of icons that you like, you can uplaod them into your new skin directory for each access. There are lots of good icon libraries out there to choose from.


Have you tried lately? I finally got my hue on HP and it seems to work fine.


Dear HousePanel loyal users!!!

Tonight I am posting a fairly important upgrade to HousePanel. To upgrade just grab the latest files on the usual GitHub for your server. No need to upgrade the Groovy file.

This upgrade implements stability and bug fixes to the Tile Editor. With this upgrade you can change the look and feel of just about any aspect of any tile of HP tile on screen right from the GUI. With this update even I have stopped editing the main CSS file for fine grained visual tweaks. There are still plenty of updates that could be added but I think you will find this to be much more robust than earlier versions.

Anyway, hope you all check it out.




I noticed your comment in another thread about people finding it difficult to install HP with its dependencies.

What is the practicality of maintaining a Docker container to make this easier ?


It is possible but getting the files installed is the easy part. Where most people struggle is setting up the server and enabling cURL and setting permissions. Docker won’t help those steps. The only way to make this easy is to run a public server with secure logins like sharptools and actiontiles do but then you loose local processing.

[Edit] The rPi instructions will get you close for setting this up on a pure Linux machine.


Working on another update that brings full page/panel editing into the TileEdit framework. Still polishing up the final testing but things are looking good. New features coming with this update include:

  • user selectable backgrounds for pages
  • tile left, center, or right placement in panel
  • tab background icons and colors
  • background effects in panels and tabs
  • multiple tile editing at the same time
  • multiple panel editing at the same time

Should post this later today.


Update described above has been posted. Here is a screen shot showing four tiles being edited at the same time. Actually one of the tiles is a page. The main panel updates in real time when you edit these tiles. Just click on the green circle on the page tab and the Tile Editor will open with a page loaded. When the editor is open you can click on additional tiles to load them into the editor. Colors and fonts for all tiles loaded will be impacted. Icons can be individually selected as usual. Enjoy this...



Hey ken,
I just updated. Sadly the problems with my hue lights resurfaced. I am at my wits end with it. They just do not look they are being added correctly. They do not get a tile number.


Hmmmm I just can’t seem to replicate this problem. Have you tried doing a refresh? Maybe a full re auth of your Hubitat hub? My hue lights are happily added and working on the HE side and the ST side.


One other thing - I realized that I did t hook up the room / panel names correctly in the latest update so I will be posting another patch soon.

I will look into the Hue problem and let you know.


I have tried all of the above. Down to a complete new install on the web server. Maybe I will delete the app and start completely new.


Very strange - Hue bulbs use the exact same logic as every other device. In fact HP doesn’t even know that the bulbs are Hue - they are just bulbs. I wonder if the problem is with bulb type devices. If you have time I would love to know if they work okay if you add them as switches. I am going to also do some debugging work with the groovy code for Hubitat to ensure bulbs are behaving right.


Hmm so after authorizing the switch selection for these devices they seem to be behaving as expected again for all tiles. Light, bulb and switch.

Could it be because I have not been authorizing these as switches that has been giving me so much grief???