HousePanel Dashboard App for Hubitat


If you want to use cron-generated or python created video files, HP will work out of the box if you name them arlovideo.mp4, arlovideo2.mp4, arlovideo3.mp4, and arlovideo4.mp4 and store them in the media folder.

Otherwise, name them whatever you want and edit lines 897 through 900 in housepanel.php
These lines look like:

    $allthings["video|vid1"] = array("id" => "vid1", "name" => "Video 1", "hubnum" => $hubnum, "hubtype" => $hubType, "type" => "video", "value" => array("name"=>"Video 1", "url"=>"media/arlovideo.mp4"));
    $allthings["video|vid2"] = array("id" => "vid2", "name" => "Video 2", "hubnum" => $hubnum, "hubtype" => $hubType, "type" => "video", "value" => array("name"=>"Video 2", "url"=>"media/arlovideo2.mp4"));
    $allthings["video|vid3"] = array("id" => "vid3", "name" => "Video 3", "hubnum" => $hubnum, "hubtype" => $hubType, "type" => "video", "value" => array("name"=>"Video 3", "url"=>"media/arlovideo3.mp4"));
    $allthings["video|vid4"] = array("id" => "vid4", "name" => "Video 4", "hubnum" => $hubnum, "hubtype" => $hubType, "type" => "video", "value" => array("name"=>"Video 4", "url"=>"media/arlovideo4.mp4"));

By the way, I use this arlo python library that can be loaded using "pip install arlo" on your rPI.

I will likely switch to pyArlo later. Install with "pip install pyarlo"


Updated HP because I decided asking users to hack the code for their own video file names was absurd. So now all you need to do is change the title of the video tile in the editor to a valid video file name stored in the "media" folder and you will be all set. The file must exist for the video to play. For example, one would go into the editor and modify the header title to "myvideo.mp4" and then store myvideo.mp4 in the media folder. This only works for files with the .mp4 extension. Any other names will simply replace the title bar which for video files is hidden by default.



Would it be possible to make the logging in HP to be toggled on or off by the user?

Was also wondering if you had considered a backup / restore option for user dashboards?


Yes but not from the panel. It would only work either in the mobile app or during a reauth.

It is on the todo list. In the meantime you can just download and save your hmoptions and customtiles files when you have a setup you like.


Feature implemented for Hubitat in the version I pushed today. To use this reload the app in Hubitat and you will see a new toggle option to disable logging.

This update also includes a new password feature so you can now use HousePanel on a public server and easily protect it from prying eyes. The password is set on the auth page. Once set you have to type in the password before HP will display. If you forget the password the only way to recover it is to manually edit the hmoptions.cfg file and change it to blank. Actually you can invoke HP with ?useajax=reauth and that will take you back to the auth page where you can set a new password. This is not a strong protection method for obvious reasons given the noted reset approach, but it should keep casual users away, such as prevent visitors from launching your panel on their personal devices. The only real method to use HP securely from external hackers is to install it only on a server that sits inside your firewall. Subject to user feedback, I could easily lock HP down further by preventing the auth page from launching without a valid password. Let me know your thoughts.


Thanks @kewashi

Will test when I get a second. My damn pi is giving me fits.

Seems like my crontab file corrupted or something.


disregard got it working

Is it intended that you only have to enter the password once from any given browser?


Yes — or more precisely once a year. The cookie expires in one year.



I've just installed housepanel and playing around with the tileditor.

I'm trying to get the background color to change when a switch is on. When I set up in the editor and click ok, it has the correct color in 'edit mode' but when I switch back to 'operate' It reverts the settings. Is there something I need to do to save the changes?


Two things. First make sure you can write to the directory so the custom file gets updated. Second, be sure to close out the tile editor first and then select Operate.


Thanks! Which directory should be writeable? where the css file is?


Where the main php file is



seeing an issue with my hue lights - anytime I add one in edit mode, after clicking operate it turns in to what looks like a basic switch tile for my lightstrip. I am unable to delete these tiles. Either from the edit button or the options page. Only a reset clears them.

In general it is behaving very funny around my hue lights.


Hmmm never saw anything like that before but it sounds like a bug in TileEditor that led to creating a corrup hmoptions file. A Reset fixes broken hmoptions files but then it should work normally after that. I haven't done any editing of Hue bulbs so you probably revealed a new bug. Let me poke around and let you know what I find. Any debug info you can provide would be helpful.

[EDIT] Turns out I had used it quite a bit -- I forgot that I had used a few Hue lamps in my office during testing. Anyway I played around with this and couldn't replicate your error. Any more detail you can provide will help me troubleshoot. Make sure your customtiles.css file is writeable. You might want to download it and stare at it for any errors or things that look odd. If you want to send it to me that would help. There isn't anything secret in these files.


So I think you are right that something got corrupted somewhere. I deleted hmoptions files and started the auth flow again (which I had some trouble with as well...).

Now though my panel seems to be behaving.

I have copy of the hmoptions that was giving me trouble though if youd like to see it I will send it to it you. LOL seems I cannot get through an update without an issue anymore. I used to know how to do this...

Edit I lied it is doing it again....

see this error on inspection when I do I authorize




If I try a compete new install and try to authorize I get this.

Providing fixed endpoint and access token and I managed to authorize. Thins seem to be acting normal.


Looks like you have two identical hubs trying to authenticate. Weird. Please do send me the file

The error on your fresh install looks like a bug where the http prefix is guessed all wrong. The words in front of your IP shouldn’t be there. Adding http:// should fix it but the bug will be corrected


That got it sorted - thanks ken

The issue with the hue lights seem to have resurfaced though.



Hey Ken! I have this installed on a rPi3 and it is working good. I am looking at the skin-material and truly LOVE this skin. Seems to have issues with the settings option not working. Any idea when new developments will happen with this skin?

Also how do I activate Home Safety Monitor in HousePanel?


Really glad you are enjoying HousePanel. The material skin was developed by a 3rd party so I'm not very familiar with it. I'm surprised it works at all quite frankly. A user on the SmartThings forum wrote it so I need to follow up with him about updating it.

Regarding Home Safety Monitor, it is currently not supported for Hubitat hubs. Adding this is on my todo list. It works fine on SmartThings hubs but more debugging is needed to make it work with the slightly different syntax of SHM on Hubitat. Stay tuned.