Honeywell UltraPro Z-wave Light Switch

I recently obtained the Hubitat hub and am including some previously installed devices. When I went to include my Honeywell UltraPro light switch it defaulted to "Jasco Z-Wave Dual Outlet". I changed the "Type" to Generic Z-wave Switch and now I have 2 switches listed for it. Is there a better "Type" to allow this to function more appropriately?

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Ultrapro is made by Jasco, so I sorta get why it selected that. The detection isn't perfect, and you might have to on occasion swap drivers (device type).

I suspect this should probably be either the GE Enbrighten Zwave Switch or Generic Zwave Smart Switch. If incorrect, you may be missing features like double taps, or the dashboard may not reflect the correct status of the switch.

If you switch drivers, be sure to hit the "Configure" button on the settings page.

Is this a child device? In other words if you are looking at the devices, are you are seeing something like this where it is indented? Or do you have two completely separate devices?

parent child

I really like the community based drivers by JasonJoel, they just make it easier to manage the settings. But the built-in drivers work fine in most cases.


Thanks for getting back to me on this issue. I did not realize that I had to hit the configure button after making any changes to the device configuration, having done this now I don't see any difference to the display. It does show up as a "child" device with "switch 1" and "switch 2" listed under it. I'm not 100% sure what a "child" device is but I assume it's like an add-on switch. This is a single pole light so that's the confusing part of the configuration. I'm transitioning from a smartthings hub to the hubitat so am still learning how to use it but I've not seen this previously. I've looked all through the hubitat community but can't seem to find a repository of JasonJoel's device drivers. Do you happen to know where they can be located or is just hit or miss on the Github community page? Thanks again.

You should not have child devices with a standard switch from GE Jasco ultra pro.

Can you provide screenshots of what you're talking about so we can see exactly what you're seeing.

Jason Joel Drivers:

This is probably just an artifact of the double switch driver. To remove child devices, switch to the "Device" driver, and Save Device. There should be a button to delete child devices. Once you do that, switch back to the correct driver, and save again. Do the configure, and you should be all set.

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Thanks Danabw. The solution from Neonturbo worked perfectly. Thanks again for both of your help with this.

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Ah, good catch. :slight_smile:

You are going to LOVE Jason's drivers, really sweet, and if you want to use them you now have six virtual buttons on any light switch you use those drivers with:

1 - Tap up
2 - Tap down
3 - 2Tap up
4 - 2Tap down
5 - 3Tap up
6 - 3Tap down

I don't use 5 & 6, using up to triple tap is just too hard for me to remember what they all do. :wink: But I do use a lot of double-tap options.

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