Honeywell T6 Zwave Thermostat

Would love support for this device. The Generic Zwave thermostat device handler has some issues with this thermostat. It is easily one of the best looking zwave thermostats around and not to expensive.TH6320ZW200363ff4ac1298f9781Large
There is a smartthings driver, but alas I am no computer programmer.


I don't have this thermostat, so I can't modify the code an test it.

However even with NO programmer experience you might be able to port it to Hubitat.

You should try:

  1. download the Smartthings code
    1a) On github press the "raw" button in the upper right.
    1b) Copy the code then paste it into Notepad or whatever you use for text
  2. with any text editor replace physicalgraph with hubitat
    When I tried it the change occured in 47 places.
  3. Copy this code into your hub drivers code section
  4. Save
  5. assign it to your thermostat and give it a go.

I can't give you exact numbers but this process works over 90% of the time.


Hi, First post in the forums.

I just picked up a Hubitat and the T6 Pro Z-Wave. Haven't added anything to the Hubitat yet, but planning to migrate everything that way once I get comfortable on the best overall Hub architecture plan and migration without having to do everything N-Times as I mess it up, and was thinking I might add the T6 Pro as one of he first devices on this system. I have 100+ devices on an ST hub that is working OK, but I'd like to move to all local processing. I had used Rule Machine in ST in it's original releases there a long time ago, then migrated to WC once Rule Machine development stopped for ST, but now would need to come full circle to get things working on Hubitat.

Anyway, I saw in another post from you back in April, where you indicated that you had gotten the T6 Pro to work with the native Thermostat Scheduler app:
Thermostat App and Or Device is Acting Odd

And from your original post here, it looks like you got the T6 Pro working with the Generic Zwave thermostat device handler (although it appears as if you might be having some issues).

If you did get this working reasonably well this way, I'm just wondering what you are hoping to improve by getting the T6 Pro Z-Wave supported natively?

Looks like @jtmpush18 is also hot on hoping for this development as well from the posts in this topic, and the vote requested in the link below, that I happily voted for:

So what got updated Bobby?

Also, have you tried the T6 Pro Z-Wave device handler from ST that you linked to? It looks like @Ryan780 did a quick and dirty port of that ST device handler to a basic Hubitat format in this post:

Odd log entries

Just trying to understand a little bit more about the T6 Pro device and its integration from those here with experience before I get in too deep, and mess up my new thermostat or Hub that is now working fine with a relatively high WAF as a regular programmable thermostat without connecting to Z-Wave yet. I also need to get a 2nd thermostat for the house, and am waiting just a bit to get comfortable with the first one and its Hub related capabilities before picking up the second...

For whatever its worth; I'm currently using (for about a year now) a Honeywell TH8320Z with the Hubitat Generic Z-Wave Driver. I've had only one issue (occurred only one time). The HE commanded change in temperature seemed to overflow the thermostat input causing the heating system to be set at 40 °F. I've since made a rule to "watch" for such a mis-setting oft the temperature. It has not happened again.
Keep in mind during this time period Hubitat went from firmware version "" to the now "V2.1.6.105" with many steps in between.