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any one switch from home assistant to habitat I just got my hub today and will be setting it up after work the thing I like about home assistant is there is HACS. and all the integrations are in there I could ever need I know there is Hubitat Package Manager don't know if that is the same or not. and for integrations i have DirecTV, GE Home, HomeKit Controller, MyQ, Honeywell Total Connect Comfort, I have WLED, WeatherFlow Weather, ETC. i just hope it will be easy to add everything

Some instructions that might help:


Yes, but back in 2018, so things may have been different then. :smiley:

You don't need HPM to install custom code, and installing custom code on Hubitat is a lot easier (IMHO) than doing it in HASS without HACS. However, HPM normally makes it easier to install and update if the developer does have it the app/driver available in HPM.

One note on your devices: HASS seems to not shy away from built-in integrations for reverse-engineered or unofficial APIs. Hubitat's built-in integrations tend to rely on reliable, documented, and preferably local (though there are some cloud) APIs from the manufacturers. This difference may stem from the large open-source community that collectively has time to maintain them on HASS and the fact that their target audience may not mind the un-official-ness. But along those lines: if you're hoping to add your device directly to Hubitat, you may want to check out the official compatibility list: List of Compatible Devices | Hubitat Documentation.

Community code on Hubitat can fill in the gap for devices where no official driver is available, but there is no guarantee that anyone will have created such a thing — though there is a lot out there. So, you may want to search the list above or the forum (here) for your particular device if having it directly connected to Hubitat is important to you. There are also integrations in both directions for Hubitat to/from HASS if your long-term plan is keeping both around (allowing you to create automations on either/both with devices from either/both). Good luck!


Some (or all) of these things are better left integrated through HA. The only one of those that I use is MyQ. It works great on HA and is easily mirrored to Hubitat by using the Home Assistant Device Bridge app available in HPM. I recently started using HA and already I use it for the MyQ, Cielo Home, TP-Link, Yamaha Stereo, Vizio, Sonos, Apple TV/homepods/icloud, Litter Robot, and Tuya devices. It was very easy to do thanks to @csteele and many other contributors.

Rather than switching, use both. Complex automation is so much easier on Hubitat, but there is no denying that the wide availability of integrations make Home Assistant a keeper too. You can also go the reverse direction with another integration ( listed at the end of the first post). That comes in very handy as well

Home Assistant Device Bridge


One more alternative, though it's a long-term one:

Similarly, the other items that you mentioned may also be reconfigured to use direct zigbee or zwave devices.

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