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Is there a way to hide a tile based on an attribute value?

The kind of thing I would like is to have a tile appear when a power outlet is on, displaying the current power being consumed, and be hidden when off.


Change the colors the Switch Template's off state to same color as your dashboard's background.

This will give you what you want for ALL switch tiles on your dashboard. If you just want just one tile to do that, I am not sure if that can be done.

This is mine. All of that black space are tiles that are off/inactive so that the foreground and background colors are black.

Thanks for the idea @stephen_nutt. Unfortunately I have a jpg image as my background , so I don't believe this will be an option.


It is possible to make a tile completely transparent based on state per tile-id.

I set the background and foreground color to transparent on this dashboard as a test. Unfortunately there is still a shadow around text and icon. I am not sure how but pretty sure it can be done.

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This is a good thread to start:

If no one else has time before I do, I can make a working sample, but I'm a bit pressed for time right now. Be assured, it CAN be done.


@I was able to find another thread that talks about removing shadows.

Adding .tile { text-shadow: none; } to CSS in Advanced Dashboard Settings works.

I was able to make that change to the dashboard I posted earlier along with changing foreground and background to transparent for tiles and it looks MUCH better so @sburke781 thank you for asking the question. I learned something new.


Thanks @markus and @stephen_nutt for your input. I am familiar with the CSS options to manipulate the tile title and associated settings. Thanks, Simon

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Not sure if I was typing my last response as @stephen_nutt was typing or whether I just did not read it closely enough... I'll give the text shadow option a try.


Another thing this allowed me to do that I wanted to do but hadn't put much thought into...

I put a single blank image tile over ALL of the other tiles and gave it a transparent background. The point of this dashboard is purely for observation and I didn't want the ability to accidentally turn off/on any of the tiles.


Thanks to each of you for your help on this. I have been able to put all the ideas together and used the following settings in the Custom CSS to completely hide a tile:

#tile-39 .tile-contents, #tile-39 .tile-primary {color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); text-shadow: none !important;} 
 #tile-39 .tile-title {color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); text-shadow: none !important;}

Thanks again,


I'm trying to make 1 dashboard tile transparent. I've got the text and all taken care of thanks to this thread but cans figure out how to do the background. (I've got a couple dashboard tiles so can't just change the template) thanks for any information and help

Glad you found this thread useful, I have tried to make an effort to capture some of the things I have done with HE so others may get some benefit.

Have you looked at the CSS topic? I'll need to find the link if you need it

Edit:. Actually it's linked by markus further up in this thread

Got it!!

#tile-67 {background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0);}


@sburke781 That did the trick Thank you so much for your help

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