Conditional Tile visibility

Is it possible to have tiles (either default dashboard or smartly) that conditionally show?

  • a door that is closed 90% of the time only shows a tile when open
  • a door is open during a certain time window
  • Music tile that only shows when music is playing
  • Camera tile that only shows when doorbell has been pressed, motion is detected at certain times of day
  • When multiple conditions are co-occurring (HVAC is on, and skylight is open)
  • It's Tuesday evening



Hubitat is not going to be a drop-in replacement for other platforms and I would approach your move with an open mind. The reason you used those things was because that is what you had to work with. If you had come from another platform you would have wanted to do those things with whatever had been available with them. Have a look at HE with fresh eyes. You may find other ways to do some of those things in new and more useful ways.


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