Help with Initial Setup, PLEASE!

I have a C7 that I started trying to set up a year or so ago and got frustrated and quit. Giving it another shot, and I'm quickly getting frustrated again.

I have a Bond hub for my ceiling fans, a Nest doorbell, a led strip light, a Sonos Connect and 2 Kasa dimmers. Not a complicated setup, I dont think, but I cant even get off the ground and moving.

I was able to find the bond hub, but cant figure out how to control it.
I cant find the Kasa dimmers, after installing the app.

I have a hunch it may be a problem with my network settings. Ive got a dual band router/modem and a mesh router set to bridge mode. (I need to setup the system on the mesh due to distance from router/modem)

It may be too much to ask, but i think i just need someone to hold my hand through the entire setup, any volunteers!?!? Lol.

But seriously, any help would be appreciated.

Probably need to just focus on one thing at a time when troubleshooting. A word of advice, but certainly not meant to sound like a lecture. Home automation takes time, sometimes you have to research. Sometimes things break and you have to troubleshoot. Take time, search the community threads, ask questions, walk away and come back if you’re frustrated.

Bond fans: I don’t have this setup, but making some basic assumptions first.

  1. What version of firmware is your hub running?

  2. Are all your fans configured to the bond hub and can you control them without hubitat through the Bond app reliably?

  3. Have you followed the documentation for adding the built in app for Bond devices?

  4. You may want to read this thread about bond devices. I am unsure specifically what functionality you wish to accomplish, but there is a community and an official app for this, and it appears both have advantages and drawbacks.
    Bond Integration - #77 by sburke781



Welcome back to the community. As Josh kind of stated above HA is kind of a excersize in patients. But it will come easier as time goes on. The community is the best thing about Hubitat so take a breath, and let us know what your problems are so we can help were we can.

That said your post doesn't tell us what your issues are and what you are trying to accomplish. So lets start with a few simple thoughts.

First is your hub fully update to the latest firmware. If not please update that. Then go to the setting space in the UI and click on "Z-wave Details". Once the Z-wave details page loads look at the buttons across the top. Do you see one for Z-Wave Firmware Upgrade. If you do click on that and let it run and update. This will ensure the Z-wave Radio is running it's latest software.

What brand is the LED Strip Light you mention. Do you know if it is zwave, or zigbee, or wifi/LAN.

All of the rest of the devices mentioned are Wifi/LAN. It is possible that your network can be impacting it, but hard to know since you haven't explained what the actual problem is. I have a mesh system and it all works fine.

We really need clarity as to what the issue is so we can try to address it.

If your bond hub was detected and setup, did you check the device page in the Hubitat UI. Do you have any of your bond connected devices listed there?


When the integration finds the bond hub, it should create the devices in the device list. Do you see your fans in the device list?

Your cable company's router should be set to bridge/pass through mode, and your mesg router should be set to NAT. The way you have things set up you're double natting and segregating networks. Hubitat needs to be able to be on the same network as your iot devices (though if you know what you are doing you can include other subnets). So the proper way is provider's equipment=bridge/passthrough mode. No other devices but your personal router should be plugged into it. Everything else needs to be plugged into your personal router. If there are not enough ports on your personal router, add a cheap switch but plug that into your router. Once you have that sorted out, hubiat will see everything.

Now as to your kasa stuff. Once that is set up with the kasa app, note the ip's and MAC address' and put those into your DHCP reservation table on your router. This makes it so that everytime they restart they always get the same address. Once that is done, go to devices, add devices, virtual device and pick the proper kasa driver. On that device page put the ip of the kasa device you're wanting to control. Make sure it's named properly to your situation, then click save. You can now control it.


This. :point_up_2:
And... set up anything else related to home automation with DHCP reserved ip's.
And Google Sheets to keep track of everything.



100 IPs: Copy/Paste to Google Sheet
Name MAC Address IP Address Notes
Hubitat_Hub AA:BB:CC:DD:E0



Can you tell i was about to rage typing this earlier? I appreciate the responses, im away from it right now but will try these suggestions this evening and report back. Then i might have some more direct questions.


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Just to expand on the comments about setting up DHCP reservations.

Though it is never a bad idea to do so, it may not always be needed. If you ever specify the IP Adrress when setting up the device be 100% certain you do create the reservation, but if you don't there is a decent chance the integration has a discovery process to keep the ip's updated.

It probably listens to broadcast information on the network and the updates devices as need by thoughs brocast packets.

I have to say, I gave up with Hubitat. It wants most devices to have a smart bridge or app installed before it can be paired. I cannot use it with my Lutron Caseta toggle switch because it requires more equipment. I cannot pair it with my Schlage touch lock, nothing works without adding more and more things. I gave up Wink because of all of their downtime, but it was so much easier to setup. Seems to me there should have been better integration between other manufacturers. Going to try the replacement hub for SmartThings. My neighbor got her devices, same as the two I mentioned, up and running without having to add other bridges, apps, etc. I had high hopes, but its going into the recycle bag for electronics. Too late to send it back now.

That's not true at all. Zigbee and z-wave devices pair straight to the hub as that is HE's primary protocols. Now certain things like Lutron or bond devices need a hub because Hubitat does not have a either a clear connect radio (lutron) or a 300-450mhz radio in it (bond) so it uses telnet to communicate and integrate those devices into hubitat. Again these are non native devices. HE also does not do blue tooth as BT is not a very good iot protocol. Now Hubitat will have matter later this year but matter overall is a crapshoot so far due to it's infancy. Hopefully that will get better. You also will not find a hub with anything near the complexity ability for rules. Maybe HA... but that's another hole to dive down...

That is because it is a cloud based wifi device. If it were a schlage zigbee or z-wave device it would pair right up. One of the core tenants of Hubitat is everything being 100% local. So unless there is a local API, Hubitat in most cases write an integration. Most cloud based integrations are left to the community to write.

You will have a lot of the same issues.

Have you even bothered to look at the compatibility list before or since you purchased the hub? I mean that's like buying a car and getting angry it doesn't fit in your garage.

Hubitat is compatible with literally thousands of devices. zigbee/z-wave/clear connect/and some wifi (provided they have a local API), You should do your due diligence (including if you're looking at ST). A very large percentage of the people here have come from ST due to more compatibility and wanting to keep everything 100% local. ST does not keep their stuff local, and your data gets collected by them. Just saying.


Good luck! FYI - you will still need a Caséta Smartbridge to use your Lutron switch with ST.


If you’re certain you’re done with it, I’m sure you could sell it here (or on eBay).

You may also eventually decide that using devices that are completely dependent on a cloud connection to do things like dim lights or lock the door doesn’t meet a minimum level of reliability. If that’s the case, Hubitat could still be of use to you.


Yes, i read the compatibility list. I am dumping the Caseta for a Leviton smart switch. My neighbor and I are both engineers, both software and electrical, and she had no issues with Leviton and Schlage lock working with Aeotec hub. No other apps, bridges, etc was needed. I know that I need to reset all of my devices to lose the Wink settings. I am not going to install different apps to control all of my devices through one Hubitat. I am not angry, just very disappointed in the lack of ease to set up different devices that are on the list. I have spent hours digging through the setup for each device, and nothing works.

I don't really want to have to redo all of my smart switches, but at this point probably easier for compatibility sake that don't require installing apps to talk to Hubitat.

Really? Not stupid. I did a lot of research on this before I dumped Wink. Poor forum etiquette. I moderate a technical forum, snd this isn't necessary.

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A Leviton z-wave switch/dimmer and a Schlage z-wave/zigbee lock will work directly with Hubitat without any other bridge/hub.

Did you factory reset your Schlage lock? Is it a zigbee or z-wave lock?

And FWIW, a WiFi Schlage lock will not work directly with ST/Aeotec hub either without a Schlage bridge. Both these hubs are equipped with basically the same radios.

I'm really unsure what you're referring to here. If your devices use z-protocols, you won't have to install any other bridges/hubs/apps for them to work with Hubitat.

What you've never stated are exactly which devices you're referring to by providing a model number or some other kind of identification. For example, Leviton makes WiFi/Z-Wave/BT switches. Schlage makes WiFi/BT/Zigbee/Z-Wave locks. Which ones do you have?

If you have WiFi locks and switches, even with the Aeotec hub, you will have to provision the lock/switch using the native Schlage or Leviton app.

Edit - Apparently, you've bristled at @rlithgow1's message. Let me phrase things differently. As a software or electrical engineer, surely you must know that both manufacturers make products that use a wide array of protocols. Further, that it is impossible to diagnose an issue without knowing which specific products you are working with. There are literally thousands of Hubitat users with Schlage z-wave/zigbee locks, including @rlithgow1 (and me at one point of time). Our locks were provisioned to work with Hubitat without any other hub/bridge involved, or any other phone app.


I have gone through your instructions. If I enter my device, I get point to an app that has to be installed or a bridge that has to be used.

Forums are for help, not berating people, Oh, we did buy a truck that wasn't going to fit in my garage, but you know what I did before purchasing it? We drove it home, pulled it into the garage, measured how much of a bump out I needed, did the bump out, and the truck fits into the garage.

At least was able to get the hub online, but that's it. I checked all of my devices before purchasing.

The Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt, is an advanced lock that comes with an incredible amount of flexibility in terms of smart home integrations.

Without a smart hub, you’ll only be able to benefit from basic features such as auto-lock, passcodes, etc.

Without its own dedicated app, the smart lock comes outfitted with two model types including Zigbee and Z-Wave Plus, both of which are compatible with Hubitat smart hub.

I have gone through reset instructions from Schlage but nothing is being recognized. I like the idea of non cloud based home automation, much more secure, but I have spent way too much time on this.

Thank you for your response.

Was your lock on it? Right now there is NO schlage lock on the compatibility list and hasn't been for a long time. When they were ONLY zigbee and z-wave were on there and NOT any of the wifi locks like the Schlage touch. Be469 z-wave and zigbee locks pair fine though, Caveat is z-wave is gonna want firmware 7,10 or higher. Anything below that has issues and Schlage has no interest in releasing fixes to be compatible with the 700 or 800 series chips on their older locks.

Then how do you not know what protocols hubitat supports as well as the protocols your devices are as well as the difference between zigbee, z-wave, clear connect, BT, Wifi, and 350mhz are?

For devices that are compatible with the ST Aeotec hub which are mainly zigbee and z-wave, you will also have to run pairing sequence on the device, as well as initiate pairing on the hub. That will go for ANY zigbee or z-wave hub...

I never said you were stupid at all. It wasn't intended that way. I simply asked if you actually looked at the compatibility list. You claim to have yet then proceeded to buy they hub knowing that none of your devices would work with as is? I'm simply pointing out some things that you're placing the blame on and they are the wrong things to place the blame on. I mean , good luck with your endeavors with ST. As a community we welcome you here and would love to help you if you want to stick around, but it is difficult to help if you're not willing to understand how certain things work. You are going to go through the same things with ST. Your leviton zigbee switch will need to be put in pairing mode, then you need to initiate pairing on ST itself. They will then talk and the device will pair. This is how it also works on Hubitat. One problem you may run into. They're a phone only programming device. They also require the cloud to program your ST. Hubitat can be done from a PC or the phone and is 100% local. I'll also point out that ST can't have it's radios backed up, so if you have a failure, you will have to re pair all your devices from scratch, whereas Hubitat backs up it's radios. Also if you want the compatibility list, you can see it here. List of Compatible Devices | Hubitat Documentation

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Then this is not a z-wave or zigbee lock. The touch lock is wifi and as far as I know not compatible nor on the compatibility with hubitat.

Again I apologize if that is how you took it, it wasn't meant to be mean, simply to point out that it seems you are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole without checking to see if it's supposed to fit....

It is not z-wave or zigbee but wifi and cloud based. If the API is open someone could and may have written a community integration but Hubitat will generally have no interest in cloud based devices of this nature. One of their biggest things is being 100% local control with no cloud involvement and not giving any data to anyone which is something cloud dependent devices tend to do.

The schlage touch is a wifi only device. The connect however comes in both z-wave and zigbee versions (this is the be469). It contains one or the other radios, not both at the same time.


Thank Wink for that one, they burned the bridge for hubs who would like to add the Lutron radio. Now we are all stuck with a separate Bridge to integrate.

Similarly, many of these crappy cloud based devices don't allow (or have a method) to integrate. I am sure that Hubitat and other companies would love to add native integrations, but aren't allowed to or again there is no method to allow this.


Again, I do understand BT, Zigbee. Etc. I work on a remoting protocol which involves supporting other manufacturers devices. All I can say is that the first thing I did was check my devices to see if they made the list. We considered buying a Yale lock but already had the Schlage. We dont control it through wifi.

So I either swap out all of my devices because the instructions say i need to down liad sm app to make it work eith Hubitat or buy a bridge for others, or switch to a different hub. I am sorry if you feel offended, but I did the research, i followed the instructions for each device on Hubitat. And no luck.

I also know that my neighbor had no isdues setting up identical devices such as the Schlage lock with Aeotec hub after performing the reset on the lock.

Then it must be Zigbee or Zwave.

Again, it must be a Zigbee or Zwave model lock if that is what you are doing.

You have mentioned a whole bunch of things which are totally ambiguous as Schlage makes everything from a pushbutton lock that cannot connect to anything to Wifi, Zigbee, and Zwave. We aren't there, we have no idea what you mean by "Schlage".

So exactly do you have? Others have asked for exact model numbers (not name), could you please clarify that so we aren't talking past each other.