Help with detecting Yale lock master code use

I'm not figuring out how I can detect the use of the "master" code for my Yale lock. It reports to HE that the "master code" was used to unlock the door...but that "master user" isn't in my lock I can't act upon it. Even in my Rule machine rule where I have a condition for "Unlocked by ANY CODE" doesn't trigger when the master code is used. Is there a way to test for this?

I think it's a security feature of the lock that the master code cannot be read. My YRD256 also doesn't share it with LCM. Why do you need master in LCM? This code should be for you to administer the lock only.

I don't need it in LCM....I want to be able to trigger on it as an alarm....AKA I want to know when it's used.

and I get this in the logs:

dev:2282019-06-14 09:52:41.020 am infoGarage Door Yale Deadbolt Lock was unlocked by master code

So I know HE is getting that info.

I believe the slot value is known, but I don't believe the code can be known and it cannot be programmed to the lock via LCM, since the master is required on the lock first to enter any other code or setting.

Master is like root access for the lock. Not something you want anyone to use. Should be known only by you.

agreed, and again...I don't care to set it or have it show up in LCM....I DO CARE to report when it's used. Basic security...if there is a backdoor there should be an alert it is used. The reality is that code unlocks the door...and I can report on ANY code that unlocks the door....except that one.

So right now you have a way to slip in without your wife knowing. Do you really want to thwart that!? :rofl:

LOL....who said to WHOM the alert would go to? :slight_smile:

I'm thinking why not just have it as part of this list:

Then I can just select "Master Code"

Just wasn't sure if there was another way to do this through a custom action or such.

Was curious. Tried a few things. Noting seems to work, but there is one thing I do not have time time (or curiosity level to be honest) to try.

My master code is 7 digits, because it can be. But my user codes are restricted to 6 digits. So I cannot test if it's possible to register my master code in LCM, because it will not accept 7 digit codes.

@mike.maxwell is going it be able to tell you if this is possible. My guess is, it is not. Perhaps you could request a feature to make text from the logs a RM condition? That would allow a lot of things to be triggers that are not otherwise capable of triggering RM actions.

I'm 99.9% sure master codes can only be changed via the lock keypad.

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Yes and I don't want or need to change it. ALL I want to do is report on the fact it was used. Can that be done?

I installed my Yale, my lutron Caséta, and more and managed everything with HE, without any problem (except that I installed at first a non pro bridge and discovered that you can't register another bridge with the same email address - no thanks to Lutron).
I created some rules 4.0 with lights: OK
I created a rule that open the porch light (on sunset) when I unlock my yale. Tested. Working...
I received notifications (app and/or Twilio sms) when I lock and unlock my Yale. All seems perfect.
Tested ? Always did the tests while opening my door from inside (with the manual button).

I discovered now that all those rules are not working when unlocking the yale from outside, aka with the codes ! All my rules are working only when latching from inside !
Where is my mistake ?

EDIT: found my error. Was using unlocked (obviously from inside) and NOT using any lock code... SOLVED (but I leave my question and solution for newbies like me...)

I'm struggling with my app code to obtain what I need:
The idea is (after I entered my house using the keypad) to relock my yale automatically 10 minutes after we entered the house IN CASE we forgot to lock it. Just a security backup.
I don't wait that the app will wait 10 minutes before going to apply the sunset condition (dimming), but I also don't want that the backup condition is running ONLY if it's between sunset and sunrise.
If my explanations are not clear, see pic.
How can I add a second independent condition after the first condition was done ?

Btw, when I set a condition like written, I can't modify them after, I always have the possibility to edit the conditions, but not the actions (dim 20, dim 100, etc) within the conditions, neither just remove the second condition I was able to set (but at the wrong place). Any clue ?

HE bug ?
While fighting with my action edition problem (...), I discovered that the missing menus (add/modify/delete actions) are only visible when you select ADD, then browse between the "new" actions and do nothing (and click on "Done with the actions"). When this is done, you can always quit and re-edit the app, you obtain directly all menus (see below) and then you can edit or delete the actions, as expected. Strange to me.

So the first part is because you are only looking at the unlocked state. You need the condition to be unlocked by [user X], which you need to use for Lock Code Manger to start, or you won't be able to identify the individual users. If you entered the codes at the lock, delete them all and start over with LCM. Codes must be entered and labelled from there.

Like this...

I'm using Rule Machine 3.0, but 4.0 is similar

Something like this in RM 4.0. Can be all in a single rule, or multiple rules. Whatever is easiest for you. I prefer multiple rules for ease. Personal preference. Rules don't cost anything, and have a whole bunch doesn't change the performance of your hub.

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