Heiman Gas Detector Zigbee 3.0

Purchased a new Heiman Gas Detector Zigbee 3.0 from AliExpress, but when it was detected by HE it just came up as a device.

aliexpress /item/32840620167.html

Turns out it's a new version with a different fingerprint.
Model: GASSensor-EF-3.0
or possibly aka HS1CG-EF
or maybe HS1CG-E

3.0 fingerprint

Model Number: GASSensor-EF-3.0
deviceTypeId: 176
manufacturer : HEIMAN
idAsInt : 1
inClusters : 0000,0003,0500,0B05
endpointId : 01
profileId : 0104
application : 12
outClusters : 0019
initialized : true
model : GASSensor-EF-3.0
stage : 4
manufacturer :
idAsInt : 242
inClusters :
endpointId : F2
profileId : A1E0
application :
outClusters : 0021
initialized : true
model :
stage : 4

Outdated info

But thanks to @cuboy29 's driver.
Driver for Gas Sensor - #13 by cuboy29

And @kuzenkohome 's tip.
Heiman Zigbee Gas Detector - #24 by kuzenkohome

By modifying Line 28 it seems to be working fine now:
fingerprint profileID: "0104", deviceID: "176", inClusters: "0000,0003,0500,0B05", outClusters: "0019"

Edit: Thanks to @kahn-hubitat his updated driver works great:


not working for me get the following erros on configure

Screenshot 2021-12-08 163544

Well I wasn't getting any errors, but then I clicked on configure and now I am too... :slightly_frowning_face:

It still seems to be working, will have to wait and see 30 minutes from now.

Edit: an hour on and back to normal messages.

2021-12-08 04:21:17.461 pm debugGas 02 is cleared

ya configure never worked.. it was wrong big vs small endian..
i have rewritten it and combined it with my older driver..

also added attributes for gas as well as smoke and lastupdate times to see when it checked in and put in multiple fingerprints.. will post driver in a few..

Looks interesting - any idea on how sensitive/accurate it is?

pretty good can test with a lighter.
but you have to have an outlet within a few feet from ceiling for natural gas as it rises.. i belive lp goes down so you plug in near floor.

there is no acuurancy as it is not measuring numbers it goes off like a smoke detector and in fact in alarms as smoke..(with this driver)

However, he hubitat default driver. alarms as gas but since there is no gas detection capability it is not that usefull as you would have to write custom rules..

That is why i added the gas/detected/clear to this driver to be like the default hubitat but also why you need this custom driver so it can alert like smoke and you can use HSM (Hubitat Safety Monitor) like normal..

Here is my latest driver a combination of the above one and the older one i ported from smartthings.. it should work for the older 1.2 ha and newer 3.0 ha zigbee as i have both now for testing.

Also, if you search for homi or heiman on hubitat package manager it should come up as my driver I ported from smartthings (that this is a newer version of) has been on there for years.


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Another new version in my github.

  1. Added debugging parameter with auto turn.off
  2. Was able to determine the reporting/check in
    Interval parameter and added it to configure.
    It works fine as far as I have tested.
    Range is 120 secs to 86400.

Below 120. Did not work.
I asume 86400 will but did not.confirm.

Also tested driver alerted fine for both ha 1.2 and 3.0 versions using a torch.

Also tried the alert duration parameter the same as in the heiman smoke detectors but apparently it is not supported in their gas detectors as it did not seem to work so i took it back out.


Cool...so for my water heater in garage, I could position this above the water heater (have a plug nearby for hot water pump). Does it have to be directly above the heater (centered over the heater) or can it be on a wall next to the heater (about 4" from the heater itself) near the ceiling?

From the web:

Honeywell, a leading gas detector manufacturer, recommends placing your detector higher than all doors and windows and about 6 inches from the ceiling and within about 10 feet of the appliance.

Mine is on an extension cord out in the garage, seems to be working fine.

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No. It’s just better to place it higher up since natural gas is lighter than air, as @kahn-hubitat mentioned, so it will take more time for the concentration to get to the detector’s threshold if it’s positioned lower down. The opposite is true for liquified petroleum gas.


intertesting discovery
on the older version of this device i can set the check in time and it works fine i have tested 2 minutes 10 minutes 30 minutes and an hour and it works.

on the newer 3.0 ha version i can set it say to 2 minutes ofr 5 minutes and it works.. anything up to 1/2 hours.. so i know the parameter is working.. sometimes it takes one report before it settles on the 2nd report on the new time span,]
however, setting it to anything over 1/2 hour does not work apparently for that version 1/2 hour is the max.

i wish heiman would document the parameters and ranges somewhere. i cannotfind any documentation other that setup and the lights.

Yes this will detect lighter fluid however it will not detect natural gas, We have put it under several tests and it failed each time to detect natural gas.

Well that's not good.

No idea what the specs for it mean.

Alarm sensitivity: 6%LEL ~9%LEL

I put one near my natural gas grill with gas on but no flame as a test and it detected it just fine.


@ritchierich isn't the only user that has reported success when testing with a source of natural gas like a bbq grill.

So I have to ask, @ricklndn, who is "we" and can you describe how you tested in any more detail before coming to the conclusion the device will not detect natural gas?

I first turned off my natural gas water heater, flame out.. then held the device directly over the tube the gas comes out while holding Pilot light button.. it did not alarm...
So i decided to go over to my brother's house with a natural gas stove... he did a test without flam and still no alarm..

That is a bummer then. Thanks for the additional info.

Thanks for the additional info.
Based on how these detect LEL, test 1 seems unlikely to succeed.
And for test 2 did you use some sort of enclosure to contain the gas?
Without one you might not raise the concentration long enough for the detector to work.


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