HE Notifications uses US Date Format mm/dd/yyyy not AU dd/mm/yyyy

So I was being a bit too clever and using RM to produce some notifications, notably Home/Away, and presence changes. For context, I log these activities using HEmail as I use HSM as our security system (our house insurance requires we have one, plus HSM is awesome!).

To simplify things I moved most of my notifications to the native HE Notifications app. Anyway, RM would produce 04-Oct-2020 from %date% which was great - unfortunately, HE Notifications produces 10/05/2020 from the same variable.

I noticed that there is no global setting for date format so perhaps this is the reason for the inconsistencies I'm seeing? Any chance this could be rectified in the next release?


I agree, the hub should be able to provide this for us.

In the meantime, if it's of any use, I did a small driver to allow you to return the date and time in a format of your choice. Not sure whether it will work in your situation....



Surprisingly my Dashboard tiles are fine:

The format varies between RM and Notifications despite using the same variable %date% :

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 10.18.42 am

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Thinking about it now, it was probably that I wanted to display a more full date with the full month name, etc. Still, you might be able to use the driver to store the value into your own variable for now and use that in your notifications.

I expect the reason for the difference may be the dashboard is referring to the browsers settings, whereas a notification does not have this same reference point. I would think it needs to be set somewhere in the hub OS.


That's pretty much what I suspect too - it's odd that this isnt set in the location settings like Time format and Temp Scale.

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Yep, I agree that isn't right. There should be consistency across Apps and therefore the Hub.
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Actually, while I think it would be nice to have a hub level setting that is the default, perhaps a notification device override setting would also make it more extensible, for those who are in different time zones to the hub. A very niche requirement I would say, at least for us in AU, and not one I need, but may cater for a broader set of circumstances.

The USA is the global oddball with their counter intuitive date format - I'm sure our friends in the EU and UK would run into this issue too.

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I was referring to my suggestion re the notification device override being niche. I certainly think the request for a hub level setting would benefit a large number of users.

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So, October 6 in Australia should be
9/0⇂/0α˜”0α˜” ? Do I have that right?


Ah, good point. Although I'd be surprised if I was the only person that uses %date% in notifications given the multitude of notification device drivers available (this behaviour applies to native app push notifications too).

:rofl: yes! :laughing:

That would certainly be a niche requirement.... :slight_smile:

When using Pushover via the Notifications App, I just relied on that to log/display the date rather than doing anything within HE. I also use Cobra's Email driver and that was well, correct, from the get go. :slight_smile:

Cobra's app has the ability to set the date format iirc - I tried his service but abandoned it when I discovered I could run an SMTP relay on my Synology NAS.

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My guess is that at some point there was a request for the time format in RM to change, as sure enough, the two apps are different. We can make Notifier use the same format as RM. At present there is no global date format that I'm aware of, but I will look into that...


Thank you sir, much appreciated. :sunglasses:


Yeah, i have 3 different date formats in my settings, logs and dashboards . Somewhat unusual for us UK bods :slight_smile:

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