Hi, I'm in the UK.
Over here we tend to set our calendars to DDMMYYYY. However, my logs show YYYYMMDD and my tile history display as MMDDYYYY . My location setting are set to Europe/London so I'm not sure why there is inconsistencies. Is there a way of altering how dates are shown within the logs and tiles?. Thanks in advance for your responses.


Same for me. Perhaps Hubitat just aren’t particularly accommodating for the non-US market! Cant say it has bothered me too much, but now that you have pointed it’s gonna bug me! :joy:


Same kind of "problem" for me - with German settings.

There was a conversation about something very similar late last year, you may want to add your request into the mix on the same thread.

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I Have :slight_smile:

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YYYYMMDD is the best as it's how we calculate time (compare the year first, then the month, then the day). ISO 8601 ftw!

It’s not how we (non-Americans) read the date. So it’s certainly not the best for instant comprehension!

+1 for a solution please @bravenel, please don’t forget the non-US users :grin:

EDIT: Actually I just realise it’s not the standard date format for the US guys just switch the month and day! But still, it’a unfamiliar format and does not aid comprehension.

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What format are you referring to? There have been many contradictory statements made on this subject.

That's off base, to say the least.

We have no ax to grind about date formats, nationalistic or otherwise, and quite frankly don't find the subject one that we spend a lot of engineering time debating. There clearly is no concensus among our users about it. And I doubt we'll be putting in a global option to set your preferred date format, as that would be appear to be the only way to please everybody -- except it wouldn't accomplish that either.

So, we will standardize the apps, logs, events, etc as we have time to do so on YYYY-MM-DD.

I can't believe this is what you guys are concerned about. We're down to this? New apps, new drivers, new devices, new radio technology, new services, new hub capabilities, improved performance, and you guys want to complain about date formats? Phew....

@bravenel hey this is a good thing if they are complaining about the mundane :slight_smile:

I’m a software engineer so I don’t mind yyyymmdd (prefer it now) but I learned long ago that any display of dates goes through a formatter that localises the format, it’s saved me a lot of grumbling over the years.

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