HE compatible thermostat for uk

I currently have a Netatmo thermostat and the only way I can connect it to HE is via ifttt
Does anyone have a zigbee/z-wave thermostat which is fully compatible with HE?

It’s just for heating as water is covered by a standard timer etc.


Sinope (Zigbee). They are from Quebec, but not sure about shipping to the UK.

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I'm looking for the same thing but I'm from the Netherlands. Does your's have to opentherm or some sort of bus driven? Or just on/off?

I would love a zigbee opentherm stat! It's the main reason i have nest.

Me too, but haven't found one yet. To be exact I haven't found any (affordable) smart dumb thermostat with opentherm. And I rather not go with OTGW device, but I'm starting to think that's my only option. Since my budget it max 100 Euro's.

I haven't found any. What ones have you found?

Posted about Salus over at Zigbee relay options UK

Their IT600 range is supposedly ZigBee - SALUS Controls - iT600 Smart Home system (Online control)

You can also find the same hardware under the Altech brand.

Might be worth a try with HE ..... cheap enough for a gamble anyway IMO.

There was an attempt at the Hive driver and app which worked well it's a port from smart things so not perfect

Where can you buy it from? The salus stuff?

Amazon and it's also sold in a lot of plumbing type shops - careful on how far you go though, based on the other thread it will probably need a full "kit" (gatewway, thermostat, relay, etc) to reverse engineer their protocol.

Does anyone know of this TKB thermostat Z-Wave Plus TKB Thermostat for Floor Heating - TZE93 ?
Will it work with HE?

Obviously it's not the same model but I use a TKB TZ1036 Thermostat for electric underfloor heating without issue and with the standard Z-Wave thermostat driver. I'm guessing the TZE93 is a newer version.

As a warning the TZ1036 makes a fairly loud click when the relay kicks in and a bright blue backlight comes on for a few seconds too - not ideal in the bedroom where we have one installed!

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Thanks Mike for the info. Good news!