Has anyone used this type of switch?

Zigbee switch. Approx. $10US. Supposedly works with SmartThings.

Also, even though it isn't mentioned, I suspect that this is Zigbee 3.0.
Is HE compatible?

Does it have a name/model #?

I found it here:

I have two which are very similar, work a treat. Generic Zigbee Switch.

I have 4 of them (at least similar ones) and they work well and are also repeaters for xiaomi devices.)
I modified a driver to work with it if you would like me to post a link let me know.


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A brief few questions (from someone who has specialized in zwave only, please forgive the ignorance):

  1. It appears in order to pair this device, that the device itself has to be exposed, correct? Does that mean that if this device "drops" from my mesh, and must be re-paired, I have to open up the switch box again? Does that happen to you on a regular basis?
  2. It appears from what I have read on this forum, or on other forums, that a mesh network can support MANY zigbee devices (i.e. >100) with ease. Is that correct? Are they all on the same 2.4 GHZ channel? Can they be managed with no interference from wifi?

I have some, very similar, possibly same factory, that I added to some fixtures to help make them smarter. This allowed for control without wires showing.

I just found a set of instructions.
There are two ways to reset the switch.

  1. A hole in the top to put a pin in.
  2. A sequence of on/off from the power supply.
    So in answer to your first question, no you don’t need to get to it to reset it.
    You can do it remotely via the power supply.

I’m not sure what the max number of devices that you can have on a zigbee network, however; if it helps... I have about 75 zigbee devices on my network.
Within the network, all devices are on the same frequency (channel)

I have a couple of quite powerful wireless access points throughout my home for my wifi
Providing you are careful with channel placement, you should not have any interference.
My wifi does not appear to intefere with any of my zigbee devices.
I actually have a few zigbee devices within a few feet of a wireless access point.

I have never had one of these ‘drop off’ my network since we found them a couple of months ago.

If anyone needs this driver, it can be found here:



Just wanted to say "thank you".

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Does this device not work with the Generic Zigbee switch driver that's native to HE? I was just looking at getting a couple and was just curious.

Is it legit CE certified? I also don't see a UL listing. I'm super suspicious of Chinese crap that can burn my house down.

I remember years ago, UPB switches that were UL certified lost their certification because the company in China swapped out a component without the companies knowledge to reduce costs and improve their margin.

I've had several Chinese off brand phone chargers melt also.

What does your insurance company do if they prove a fire was started by a hard wired non-UL listed device?

Isn't that what circuit breakers are supposed to prevent? If the device is heating up enough to cause combustion I would think that it would trip your breaker or just die first. If the chip melts, the relay would turn off after all.

I have just tested a 'remote' reset of this device using an app I just wrote
I connected it to a smartthings outlet and tested resetting this device and it reset perfectly :slight_smile:

So I can confirm 100% that it can be reset remotely.

App thread is here:


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Ha ha, CE certified.
I’m also cautious regarding compliant products but CE is a voluntary certification. Any manufacturer can “claim” compliance because they “believe” their product would pass EMI or electrical safety testing. Testing is NOT mandatory.
Take a Google at the “Chinese Export” mark.

I've also had a couple of 'CE' certified SmartThings outlets 'melt'
This, I would not have expected as the load on them was not great at the time.

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Breakers only trip because of overload or shorts. No guarantees that it will trip before a device melts and causes a fire. With the huge amount of devices in a modern house, the risk for stuff like this is huge especially if you are plugging in crap that hasn't been certified and is made as cheaply as possible to maximize profits.

EDIT found Cobras driver and now it works flawlessly. @Cobra u r a champ!

I just bought the on/off controller and I cant get it to work.
If I set it as a Generic zigbee outlet I can toggle it on/off under the device, but the ''Current State'' doesn't update. That means that I can't control it with a button or Alexa ect.
If I set it to a Generic zigbee switch, I can't control it at all.

Any suggestions or solutions??



You are welcome! :slight_smile:


Yes this device is also repeating well for me.
Good reliable On / Off switching AND Repeater function at a reasonable price in Aus.
Can’t ask for much more. :+1:t3:


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