Harmony connectivity

Unfortunately this integration isn't going to happen, they have shown no interest in further API integrations.

This is very sad to hear...

Not really. Harmony is a pain IMO.

The entire eco system of Harmony depends on your devices being in sync with the remote.

In a world where you use Harmony to turn on the TV and someone manually turns off the TV... everything is out of sync and in this era of HDMI-CEC so many things can be controlled by the simplest of remotes that can automate things over CEC.

Voice control of devices would be nice, but at the end of the day there has been no complete solution to me being able to say "Alexa, watch [insert show name] on [Hulu/Netflix/NBC Sports] and have it work seamlessly.

When I learned to let go of harmony things got way simpler.

Sorry, but I disagree... My Harmony Hub has dramatically simplified our life, and our devices very rarely ever get out of sync with the IR blasters (all other remotes have been put away with batteries removed!) I am using the ported ST Harmony Integration on Hubitat and it works great. I am just worried that something will change and cause it to break.

The other option is for local integration directly with the Harmony Hubs over the LAN. The current man-in-the-middle 'harmony-api' mostly works, but I'd really prefer to see Hubitat add a native LAN integration.


I completely agree with @ogiewon . No one in my family even knows where the manual power buttons are on the devices, so our devices are never out of sync. I fear this will be a Barrier to switching to Hubitat for many many people. I mean, who has a smart home and doesn't also have a harmony remote. I think harmony integration is the first thing most people setup. If this is true, Hubitat may want to look into the next best options. Maybe PLEX integration or something like that.

I'm not even looking to control the Harmony activities...all I'm looking for is to have Harmony turn on a switch when I turn on an activity.

Same here. I just want my lights to turn off if I start the Harmony Movie activity, and back on when I switch to a different activity, or power off. and without a 5 minute delay.

Have you guys seen this interesting workaround for instant updates?

I was just about to post a link to the same thread!

This guy arrived today for me to use as a rang range extender. Looks like it may have another use as well.

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The integration seems straight forward enough
Is there any reason no one has tried to tackle it yet besides, you know, lack of time :slight_smile:

That appears to maybe be specific to the now defunct Harmony Link device versus the currently supported Harmony Hub device. Not sure if the API has been changed or not.

Here is the man-in-the-middle solution that seems to slow down/lock up the Harmony Hub over time... Perhaps it polls too aggressively? The nice thing about the solution below is that it is entirely LAN-based.

It seems like a Harmony - Hubitat integration is something that many users would find very useful. I think that is why we've all been waiting to hear something from the Hubitat team on this one?

Yes, this site no longer returns tokens, I tried this a few months ago.

I know we have replied to a few topics here, but I suppose we have not explicitly posted about this. We reached out to Harmony, found the right people to talk to (they confirmed it) and they told us: "No, we are not accepting new integrations right now, maybe in the future, we'll let you know" . Which we took to mean, "don't hold your breath"


Thanks for the transparency. Don't have a Harmony but I've almost bought one many times.

Edit: As @chuck.schwer maybe some day... But I'll stop thinking about it for a while.

Yes, i followed that think, found the library it is using to talk to the hub and it lead me to the link I posted above. How do you set up a new integration with the Harmony if the site linked in the instructions do not work anymore?

Fyi, here is the client it is using, in the readme it links to the protocol description:


I have not dug through how the “harmony-api” server works internally, but I can tell you that you can install it on a Raspberry Pi and have it discover your Harmony Hubs without ever providing any credentials to Logitech’s servers. My belief is that it somehow sends a LAN broadcast that the Harmony Hubs respond to. But that is just a guess! :wink:

If I can find some time I may try to reverse engineer it so I can see exactly what it is doing.


So I have been watching this discussion and I do find it intriguing. We don’t use Harmony Hub with ST or HE. It is tied into Alexa and we control everything through voice control. We do use the harmony remote for menu navigation, volume and to quickly switch between AppleTV, Xfinity and Xbox One.

I setup a virtual switch named Movie Time that is tied to Alexa and executes a RM turning off all lights and setting mood to blue.

I also use a Wemo Insight switch to watch for power from the TV which then controls both my RGBW lights behind the TV and also pauses the living room motion light rules.

I don’t see a need for integration with what I have here as my entertainment comes from 3 different devices depending if I am renting a movie on appleTV, watching Kodi on XboxOne or watching HBO on Xfinity.

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I use Alexa in a similar fashion. Where the integration comes in handy for me is in 2 scenarios.

  • controlling multiple Harmony hubs
  • including the tv etc in automations. Example 1...Sleep Mode powers off everything including the tv, locks the doors etc with one command. Example 2...Away Mode is similar to sleep mode but controls more devices and happens automatically when everyone leaves. Alexa is unable to control everything I need in both these automations and I dont want to have to use voice in the second.

I did find an interesting trick you use your Sonos/M3's to do with Alexa.

"Alexa turn off Movie Time"
RM runs all rules to do the automations
RM announces to room with an Alexa in it "Alexa turn TV off"

Just saying it does work. :slight_smile:


Great idea. Still prefer a direct integration because its lot less likely to fail though.