Haozee Power Plug

I am finally abandoning ship on Smartthings and have converted to Hubitat. I love it!! I avoided it for so long because I was dreading the excluding and including process for all my devices as well as the re-automating process for all my automations. The last straw was when my thermostats stopped working on Smartthings and I had to control temperatures in four zones manually. UGH!!! When I switched, I was amazed at how easy the excluding/including process was as well as the automation process. Piece of cake. And the discovery of Life360 to drastically improve the reliability of presence sensors was worth the switch alone. Which brings me to the first problem of this whole process.

I have a Z Wave smart plug manufactured by Haozee called Power Plug. When I try to include it into Habitat, nothing from Haozee comes up. I tried other manufactures, but they didn't work. I tried just including it as a generic Z Wave device, but it doesn't give me an ON or OFF switch. Is this plug not compatible with Hubitat? I see the name sprinked around the Forum, so it is not entirely foreign to Hubitat. Does someone have a custom driver for this plug? I'm at a standstill and don't want to leave one device on Smartthings with everything else on Hubitat. Help?

I checked the list of compatible devices, and it is not there at the moment:

There is also a list of community supported devices, but couldn’t find it there either:

Finally, I did a quick search on the forum, but no luck either. Hopefully, someone else on the forum has one of those and can share the driver that they use.

I may have stumbled on the solution. After pairing the device as a Generic Z-Wave switch and then looking at the device details, I switched the TYPE from Generic to Generic Z-Wave Switch. I then get an ON and OFF button which seems to work turning the outlet ON and OFF. I can't think of any reason why this wouldn't close the case out as there are no other capabilities for this outlet than I'm aware of. Hope this helps somebody.

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I would actually try one of these two drivers (types):
Generic Z-Wave Outlet
Geneirc Z-Wave Plus Outlet

If your device is a Zwave+ device, use the Plus driver. If it reports back to the hub without needed to be polled, it is Zwave+

0x5E in the inCluster values is another indicator of a Z-Wave Plus device.

Not sure what cluster values are. The instructions don't say anything about ZWave Plus, so it's likely just ZWave.

At the bottom of the device page in the data section, inClusters and possibly secureClusters if paired with security. 0x5E indicates Zwave Plus

So, there is a 0x5E in the inClusters parameter, but I only have the generic zwave switch driver installed. How do I get a generic zwave plus driver?

a * deviceId: 4135

  • deviceType: 256
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x98,0x9F,0x55,0x73,0x86,0x85,0x8E,0x59,0x72,0x5A,0x25,0x32,0x71,0x70,0x6C
  • manufacturer: 600

The Generic Z-Wave Plus driver come built in on the hub, and if its an outlet/plug I would try the outlet driver first.


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