Greenwave Powernode 5/6 extension driver

Hi all,

I'd bought a Z-wave power extension sometime ago which I'd only been able to use on ST, as there wasn't a driver available for HE, and a simple port didnt work at first. I'm no coder by any means, and there was already a driver (Parent & Child) on ST. I worked on porting it, but ran into some issues. Thanksfully some very talented people here helped me.

Many thanks @chuck.schwer, @stephack, @rob and @cybrmage for your assistance.

The extension in question is a Greenwave Powernode which come in a 5, or 6 plug variant. I updated the driver for each.

Product details:-

Install both drivers, and discover Z-wave devices, upon saving the device, the child devices will also be added. It supports on/off for each plug, and power monitoring per plug.

Powernode 5 - Parent


Powernode 6 - Parent


After install and discovery, they will show in the Devices list accordingly.

Any issues, please let me know.


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. I was literally coming here to beg someone to help me with the driver. I got one of the ST drivers to compile in hubitat, but the other wouldn't work.
I am so grateful for your posting this. My strip is working fantastic on the ST hub, but we all know ST stands for "stinky turd" and I am so excited to get my strip on Hubitat instead.
I mean how the heck do you beat 6 z-wave outlets WITH power monitoring for 20 lousy bucks, free shipping. Now I have to go buy another...
Thank you so much!

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Test the driver first lol :wink: I trust it’ll be fine. We can’t buy them any more here, you have to just check eBay every now and then. That’s how I got mine. Man that’s soooooo cheap!!!

driver working great, thanks again.

Thought of you, missing out on USA prices.
Check this, not sure if it's any good as I just stumbled on it

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Thanks for that, although we’d also have a voltage issue. Our plugs are 230-240v :disappointed_relieved:

Not to mention z-wave is a different frequency here. Double :disappointed_relieved:

This driver is working great for me now. When I first added the device, I could get power reporting but I could not turn off the outlets. Turns out I played with the "room color" wheel and left it on the lock setting.

The manual says this is a setting which can be used to monitor power on things you don't want turned off, like appliances. It seems the color most people would probably want selected is black.

Just thought I'd pass this along regarding this device. Might save someone else a few minutes figuring it out.

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I have 2 of these Greenwave Powernode 6 (NP310) but having trouble getting them to work.
Tried to download the updated drivers but none of the links seem to work anymore is it possible to post the driver again?

Apologies, not sure why they’re not working. Here you go.

This link is also corrected.

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That’s still not working. I’ll need to check out why. I’ll post the driver directly in a while.

Original post updated, thanks to @stephack pointing out the issues.


Now updated :+1: apologies for the delay.

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I got mine working spend hours on this but it keeps generating an jave error but somehow works.
will try these out and see if it works better thanks for updating.


the one posted works but also seems to generate an java error only diffrent line.

2019-10-28 21:04:45.108 errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method sendEvent() on null object on line 382 (parse)
dev:452019-10-28 21:04:44.812 infoPowernode 6-1 Off
app:982019-10-28 21:04:44.782 debugvirtualHandler called with event: deviceId 100 name:switch source:DEVICE value:off isStateChange: true isPhysical: false isDigital: false data: null device: Surround
dev:1002019-10-28 21:04:44.686 debugPUBLISHED off()
dev:452019-10-28 21:04:34.522 errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method sendEvent() on null object on line 382 (parse)
dev:452019-10-28 21:04:34.249 infoPowernode 6-1 On
app:982019-10-28 21:04:34.197 debugvirtualHandler called with event: deviceId 100 name:switch source:DEVICE value:on isStateChange: true isPhysical: false isDigital: false data: null device: Surround
dev:1002019-10-28 21:04:34.063 debugPUBLISHED on()

Ah ok, you have the 6 node strip?

Hmmm, I'll need to check it. Sadly I'm away from home this week, but I will check it out ASAP. Can you tell me what you were doing which generated the errors, so I can reproduce it?

It just generates turning any of them on or off the switches work normally without problems only when you check out log it seems to generate an java error.

Ok, many thanks for that. I'll check that out :+1:

Odd, I'm not seeing it.

Parent logs


That said, they arent behaving properly. I'm connected via VPN, but I'm not seeing the device status updated (on/off etc). Sadly I'll need to wait until I'm back in fornt of it.

Mine are also working well, thanks to @Royski !! The power reporting is hit or miss. I'm going to try the "black" icon on the selector wheel. I thought it was just a dumb wheel with color codes on it, didn't realize it had any functionality.
EDIT- My 6 outlet strips are NP-222B and I'm in the USA
My logs have no errors:

It appears the 2 versions support the same command classes, but have different z-wave cert numbers, not sure if the functionality should vary, but my uneducated guess is it should not.


This is the eu version 6 strip NP310-F maybe i'm doing something wrong or missing a driver cannot see power usage of it too, but controlling the strip works well.
I have this HE for 2 weeks now trying to switch from fibaro HC2 to this but it's not easy getting everything to work normal again.

You did install both the parent and child drivers?

Can you send a screenshot of the device and childs?

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