Check your Github links in your posts

If you have posted links to your apps/drivers that contain spaces, you may want to verify that they are still functional.

Since the last Discourse upgrade most of my github weblinks started getting 404 errors. I verified that the links were accurate when editing the post...however when you actually click the link, the urlencoding was now changing the link so that spaces (%20) became the url endoded version of %20 (%2520). See details of the issue here. This was not the case previously. I can't speak for all native weblinks but almost all my github links had to be editted with the workaround below.

What's happening (@srwhite APC driver as an example):

Actually links to this(notice how the %20's changed:

Edit your post and highlight the url. Then encapsulate it with (")

If anyone knows a simpler way please share. I have manually editted all my github links (the ones I remember). I did a quick search on the forum for "%20 github" and came across a few to verify I wasn't the only one. @Royski and @srwhite, you should check out your Greenwave and APC UPS drivers. They have the same issue. I'm sure there are many others but didn't look any further.

@bobbyD is aware and will pass this issue along to the Discourse dev team.


Thanks @stephack for tagging me. Iā€™m out of the country atm, but will check it out when back :+1:

update updated GH, and the links, now working fine. Thx again!! :wink:

SRWhite is still "gone camping" although I expect him to check in mid-November, and be overwhelmed by the 3-4 months of messages he hasn't seen.

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