Google mini triggered to play mp3 file

I want to set up my Google mini to play an mp3 or some other kind of sound file when motion is detected near garage. Need more security nowadays other than flashing lights. Any suggestions?

Cast Web (an external project) and the new beta releases of Google Assistant Relay (another external project) do that. Does the Chromecast (beta) built into HE still exist and does it support that? It's been ages since I've tried it.

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The new version of Google Assistant Relay even has a driver which makes this a lot easier.


Can't you just use this? (I didn't try it myself but I think it should work)

Edit - just confirming this works nicely. You can play a sound locally from an rPi also if you serve it out using Apache (see my post below).

Follow Me can do this as well.

You have to add the mini to you Hubitat in some way. The method used to order the track to be played will depend on how the Mini is integrated into Hubitat.

Will follow me connect the mini to Hubitat? Or did you mean Follow-me can play the MP3 file to the speaker?

No, I assumed he already has the mini connected to HE with the Chromecast Integration (beta) app.

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No worries, just checking. Didn't know if you'd made big changes to Follow Me or something.

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Thanks for all the great ideas! Love this community. The Google mini I have is the older style from several years ago. Hope to get to trying something with it this weekend.

Follow me looks great. Hope I can figure out how to use it. Thanks!

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Follow me won't add the speaker as a device to HE and assumes you already have one of the other projects or solutions I mentioned in the first post installed.

As already stated...

Yes, it is added with chromecast integration. Thanks!

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Yep, I know you know. I was stating it again for @shircliffs in case he/she had chosen Follow Me as the final and only solution (which it felt like he/she had).

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Ok, struggling a bit with Follow me. Have app, parent app and child app installed. Is there something called " What did I say" that I need? Are there instructions for dummies? Came from Wink which was simple but limited. Thanks!

There is another driver or maybe app and driver called "What did I say" that helps you get a log of every notification. I don't know @bptworld's stuff well enough to comment on if it is required or how to set it up though so I just tagged him.

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'What did I say' was the original driver before Follow Me existed. It has since been renamed to Follow Me Driver to work directly with Follow Me app. This is all in the Follow Me thread.

Ok, figured out how to get it to play message. Not trying to figure out how to get it to play a short music track. Can it play an mp3 that I have stored on my computer?

You'd need to have the mp3 hosted by a simple web server like apache.