Google mini triggered to play mp3 file

Thanks! Would be great if someone could share some screenshots of Follow Me set to play music files. More details the better. Just having trouble wrapping my head around this one.

I don't use Follow Me. You might try in the release thread for that app.

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Yeah, I just set this up using an rPi running Apache. Just Google how to install it. I was really surprised how easy it is (a single line and it's done). Then put your mp3's into the /var/www/html folder (I created a sub directory called sounds. Then in the device for your GH mini, put the url to your sound file into the play track section to test it. The url will then be something like "http://your_rpi_ipaddress/sounds/doorbell.mp3 or suchlike. It should play really quick if the file isn't too large.

You can also trigger a sound directly from within RM using the custom action "actuator" option. It works great. I have sounds of dogs going off when anyone walks down my drive :smile: and I also use this for alarm sounds in my wake up routine.

Thanks! Very helpful info! Unfortunately don't have Rpi. Can this be done with Windows 10 pc?

Yes, for sure you could run a web server like Apache on a Windows machine. But for it to work you would have to keep the computer running on the network at all times of course, for it to serve out the sound file when needed. Or buy an rPi for 50 bucks :smile:

Excellent! Thank you.