Google home support


If I forget to enable a device, how do you add or remove just one in Google Assistant like you can with Alexa? Seems the only way is to disable and re-enable the integration, which causes me to lose the nick names and room assignments, and I have to start all over.

What am I missing here? Is there a simpler way?


How about the google home app that is installed in your Apps list?


:flushed: I added it earlier, and didn't even look in HE. Then couldn't figure that one out, uninstalled since it wasn't ready earlier today, and didn't relink before asking the question.

Ignore me as I back out of the room.:neutral_face:


Could it be this isn't working in the UK?
Cant believe im this close and stuck. Talk about frustrating !!


Getting these errors when trying to control the SmartLife RGB light.


Not having written that driver I'd guess it isn't doing something correctly...


I suspect as much. The driver is not like a simple switch.


Non Hubitat but related google home question. I added hubitat (via my home app on my phone) and I removed the ST integration. Added devices to rooms/etc. However my actual Google Homes around the house are still trying to connect to my OLD St devices. I can tell by the "I'm sorry I can't connect to...right now" message. The names it's using are the OLD ST names. The assistant works fine on my phone and new Google Home Hub...but my other Google Home's...still aren't picking up the changes. Is there someone to force that?


Try asking your Google Home to sync your devices. Command: "Sync My Devices"


@mike.maxwell are there any plans to pass scenes as, well, scenes instead of switches?


Specifically on the GHs that aren't working I suppose? Thanks, I'll try that!


GH's response..."An error occurred while syncing smartthings" (which has been removed via the HOME app)

add: if I do that on my phone it says "syncing devices with Hubitat"

Yes they are all under the same google account and show up together in the Home app. Including the Google Home Hub which is working properly.


A Scene is activated by a switch with the name of the Scene. Just add that to GH.


I did, and that works, but scenes in GH are treated differently than switches and have upsides (not being tied to a room, for one).


Found out that there was some issue with having multiple accounts linked to the home. I ended up having to reset the Google Home's. Added them back and all better now...


@bravenel is there or will there be capability for colored light control like the Google/Hue intergration? Also push spoken messages or alarms to google home would be great.


How do you add more devices to Google. I can't seem to find the option of adding more devices.


Go to Habitat's web interface, then Apps >> Google Home


Our integration supports color bulbs, make the lights green, purple, soft white whatever...


So have to ask the question now...when will the Alexa app get some love? :wink: