Google home support


I hate to be the one to advise caution here but Mike has said this is a beta version.
I'm using it but I'm not going to commit too much to it in case we have to reinstall it if bugs are found or amendments are needed.
Just be aware folks.


It's nice that you can just turn the IFTTT Applets off without deleting them. If I need to fall-back due to problems with this beta version it should be pretty easy.

Which reminds me - Daylight Savings Time (for those of us in the U.S. who do it) ends this weekend.


Got this to work. Don't add anything other than lights. I tried adding all but it failed then I just added lights only and it worked.

I am seeing this error now.

I enabled 5 minute device polling and get these errors


yup, those devices are offline or aren't responding to a refresh


We had this last weekend in the UK.
Everything went smoothly for me.
Fingers crossed for you guys across the pond.


It seems to be going offline then online again constantly.


Hi Mike.
I have some devices that are stateless. LightwaveRF gen 1 devices.
Therefore these are always going to give an error message as they cannot be poked/pinged/polled/refreshed etc.
Will this cause issues?
They do turn on/off to Google commands BTW.


Unless you actually need this, and the integration sure doesn't, I would not enable it.
All this gets you is a kinder announcement in Google, Device XYZ doesn't appear to be responding (or something to that effect), vs a general non device specific message.

If you do want to use this, then you should not be polling these same devices via any other means.


Thanks.. didn't know what it was. Disabled now :slight_smile:



I see that the Hubitat-intent automagically changed to just Hubitat now that its officially released. Should we unlink and relink our connections or are we good to go?


nope, you're good to go, per Google, no re-linking required


Cant believe its here!! So excited... but, Im getting this message,

The parameter "state" must be set in the query string

After clicking on hubitat in the google home app. Any ideas on why?



You need to be on firmware 1.1.7.



Reboot :man_shrugging:


Make sure your username and password are entered exactly as you used for registering your hub. The username / email is case sensitive.


Hey @mike.maxwell, CONGRATS!!


Is there going to be something simlar to Alexa with apps so I can control my smart lighting apps instead of just the device directly?


I use the quick way, google sign in. So no need to type that info in.