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Hopefully there aren't additional steps to expose HE devices to all of whatever it takes to be controlled by their new devices... Specifically the home hubs as someone who has a thermostat hooked to HE I'd love the ability to let my wife get access to the Tstat via home hub..

Is it possible that their approval is delayed due to the release of the new Google Home Hub?

One could argue that the Hubitat is somewhat of a competitor to the GH Hub.

I think it's a distinct possibility that the approval is related to the new Google Home Hub and the probable new API that it and their new overhauled Home app bring. I haven't looked but I'm guessing they changed their API. I don't think I would view the HE hub as a competing product. I don't think Google does either. They don't provide lighting or any other devices or solutions. They just aggregate other companies' services and devices so far.

But I think you are right that the delay could be related. They might not want to approve a new integration on the old API if new data is required for the new API. Maybe that's what our HE guys had to supply a few weeks back.

Incidentally... Google's new UI in the overhauled Home app is going to make not having an Android app for HE a lot easier pill to swallow. It's not horrible looking and it will control most of my devices.

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No, this is not what has been delaying it (bureaucracy is the source). Nor is Hubitat Elevation competitive to GH Hub.

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With the new google home hub coming out, this is going to be a fantastic addition once it's rolled out. I assume the link between google assistant/hub and hubitat is dependent on the cloud?

Google is 100% cloud dependent

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I got a pico with Google Home's volume control's name on it.

How do you do that?

Good question. I haven't quite thought it through yet. :laughing:

I have a Home speaker group that's linked with a Chromecast Audio. I'm hoping Home integration will allow control of the volume of the speakers...

Not sure there’s a way yet unless google has made some changes. Because Google Assistant works a little differently than Alexa Voice Services, I’m not certain there’s a way to direct that type of control to a single Google Home device. I was hoping I could do something like that with Google Assistant Relay, but as it is in at least the version 1 Assistant Relay I’m using, it sends the command, but it’s done like broadcast to all Google devices, so it doesn’t actually change the volume.

Alexa on the other hand has incorporated volume control into Alexa Routines, so using a method I’ve yet to post about, it’s actually possible to change the volume by way of Hubitat through Google Assistant Relay so A Pico could be used, but I’m not sure how the level would work with a Pico. Xiaomi button would actually be perfect for this. But all that begs the question, why a button for volume of a device you can simply talk to in order to control the button? My use for volume control is automation. How would you use a Pico for that purpose?

But all that begs the question, why a button for volume of a device you can simply talk to in order to control the button? My use for volume control is automation. How would you use a Pico for that purpose?

Sometimes it's late and people are asleep, sometimes I'm tired, sometimes there's a loud party, sometimes I'm drunk. Honestly as convenient as it is to talk requests, it's more convenient to press a button. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here is a good reason Google Home support can't come soon enough! Google needs to get on with the approval. Just bought a couple of both the regular and portable ones. Can't beat the price!

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You can already do that with cast-web-api. I set the volume of my GH speakers at different times of the day. It also allows for broadcasts, like assistant relay, and exposes your GH speakers as music devices to HE.

I have that one. I bought it like 6 months ago when they were on-sale for $25. I can say that the sound and responsiveness of my GH mini is MUCH better. And the only alarm function is what's available in GH already. So, basically, its a GHmini with a clock face and a stop button on top.

I have an even better reason... I recently convinced my wife to give Android a shot with the Pixel 3 :wink:

I have one of these units. I must say I rather like it. Compared to my google home mini, I would have to give them an even tier. A slightly better speaker and a display with the time is nice. LOL I do not always want to have to ask....

I may have to pick up one or two more of these.... Thanks for the heads up.

I highly doubt the little Mini has a better speaker, I already have 1 of the Insignia's and its much better then the Echo Dot that I have also. I also do not notice any issues with responsiveness.

The portable one has an actual sub in it also.

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I have both and the sound out of the mini is better. I don't have the battery operated one.

The problem isn't the bass, it's that the high's are very tinny.

Well then the Mini must be a much better speaker then the Dot, cause compared to my Dot, the Insignia is a huge step up.

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