Google home support

Google assistant integration is the key to disconnect my ST hub completely, at least I use google to turn on or off my lights but I want to disconnect ST completely.

Same here...I've heavily invested on Google Home products!:sweat_smile:

I still got some Zigbee drivers not behaving correctly in Hubitat......might take awhile before migration.

Would jump into Hubitat with both feet if it was ready for Google.

Also waiting for Google Home/Assistant integration. As a user of both Amazon and Google for voice control of two homes I see advantages with both systems but have settled on Google due to the better knowledge graph. Running the original Smarthings hubs in 2 different locations with a number of custom devices and I assume that you have a solution for multiple hubs/locations? Since everything other than Blink (curse you Amazon) is fairly stable I am in no rush to dive into setting everything up again without some assurances. Once Google Assistant is integrated and I am sure there is a solution for 2 locations the only remaining factor is a visual working dashboard like ActionTiles or SharpTools. Just watching and waiting.

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FYI - SharpTools is already working with Hubitat. You can cross that one off your wish list! :wink:

I have two Hubitat hubs running fine at my home. One for 'Production' and the other for 'Development'. They both work fine. Do you have any specific concerns about running multiple hubs?

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Thanks, I haven't had a chance to keep up with SharpTools but just got access to the rule engine a few days ago. I have had correspondence with Joshua in the past and he is a very competent programmer. My biggest concern is how Hubitat is going to integrate with Google home. Currently my two hubs can't be accessed via my one Google home account. SmartThings forces you to pick one Hub or the other. That's why I'm currently running Amazon at one home and Google at another. The only current workaround is to use a separate Google account but that forces me to get double subscriptions to things like Google Music. Not an issue on a family plan but not ideal. Is Amazon able to access both hubs with the same account?

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That is a very good question! Maybe @patrick would know the answer? I don't use Alexa on the development hub, just the production hub.

I'll jump on the metoo bandwagon and say I'll be quite pleased once Google Assistant support is added without the need to go through and add individual commands via IfTTT. I don't have the time to migrate all the lights and switches over using that method so I'll keep using ST+GH until it's avail in Hubitat.

Me too, it’s the only thing stopping me moving and porting over other apps I have written... My heart drops everytime I come back to the forum to check.

Would be good to know what the hold up is, at least if we knew it was pending with google or something then would give us more confidence. Until then will keep checking back as I do want to move over..

its pending with google, that was last week, then they advised of some additional reporting requirements that didn't exist until recently, now we have to develop those requirements into the app, then poke the cert agency to review again.
Believe me, no one wants this app completed more than I do, not because I'm a user of it, but because so many of you want it, and the task sits on my shoulder like a rabid parakeet...


From what I've seen, Google takes a painfully long time with stuff like this.

Also: canary-illus-credit-kurt-hoffman-630x350-1425627548


This type of transparency is absolutely and completely appreciated (at least by me). I come to the community every day to look for any shred of news; good or bad. Thank you very much for the update.


Thanks for the openness mike much appreciated! Will keep checking back on the status of the parakeet and working with Google sounds like a right PITA compared to Amazon! Good luck!

Until the Google Home integration comes along, i have been using IFTTT and webcore to turn stuff around the house on and off. It uses just a single recipe from IFTTT and a single piston on webcore. Below is how i set things up:-

Over on IFTTT, the "$" in natural language form will be either on or off and then followed by the device.

and the action for IFTTT to push to your webcore piston:-

And finally, the webcore piston itself:-

In the variable called 'multiple1' and 'multiple2', this would be a group of lights that you want controlled.

The silence is haunting me.

When's google integration happening? :wink::laughing:

When Google approves it. We've never been through this process before, so we don't know how long it takes. They have everything and it all tests OK, so we're waiting also...


So sorry, I was being jovial towards codahq. But thanks for the answer anyway, i'am looking forward to it happening, must get annoying answering the same question over and over. :sunglasses:

I don't suppose anybody had asked the Google contact how long they normally take to approve these types of things?

I'm frustrated with Google already. They removed two of my apps from the store for not recompiling against a newer target SDK and one of my apps for impersonation that is based on an open source project. "Jill" at Google doesn't understand what that means but insists I'm using other's intellectual property because somebody else also has a compile of the same open source project and we share a lot of the same code base.

Any way... I'm flagged by their automated app copy deterrent system and "Jill" won't take the time to understand why. I can't escalate because Google doesn't do that. Minimum wage "Jill" is their first and only line of defense. If you don't like it Google doesn't care. They used to appreciate hobby devs.

This long approval process is just making my frustration with Google worse.

Of course we have. You obviously understand the drill. We wait, and remain optimistic.