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I've written a custom device type handler for my whole home audio equipment, but it shows up as a switch/dimmer in Google Home. Is there something that needs to be specified so Google Home can control the volumes and tracks for the device?

they won't, those device types aren't supported.

Currently Google doesn't provide that capability in the integration API. Best integration I've managed with Google Home for my Squeezebox based music system is to use IFTTT to create Google Assistant commands that invoke a REST service on HE that calls commands on the player devices. I can advise further if you're interested in giving that a go

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As for locks, based on the email Google just sent out there are clearly some locks that work.

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OK. So I was just on Google Home support chat trying to find out what locks are supported. I don't think they can pull up a master list or they won't. He (or it maybe) started with...

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Schlage Lock Company, Sesame Lock ,

To my surprise he or it didn't list the Nest x Yale lock, but came back with "it works seamlessly" when I asked. I asked about additional locks but they want to check one at a time, and I don't have time for that. So if you want to know, you ask them via chat.

Oh, wait...they came back with some more

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I have additional locks here that you can consider : Vivint , Watchman door , Home8 , Nuki Home Solutions GmbH.

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Oh, and by the way August is one of the supported locks. I just added mine. Finally had enough with HomeKit automation just randomly failing, so I'm using Google Assistant Relay to open and close my August lock via their WiFi bridge. Yes it's cloud, but it works and I have to say, Google Home and August cloud are both really reliable.

If anyone is interested, I use

[CC] hey google, unlock the back door with security code ######


[CC] hey google, lock the back door

Really works well and is fast enough for the back door.

The [CC] prefix is a way of sending silent commands to Google Assistant using Google Assistant Relay.

Anyone else using a Google Assistant routine to change modes? I have the night routine set to change Hubitat to night mode. This works, but the assistant always reports that there was an issue running the routine.

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I've always used a switch for this (Good night) on ST and here. I use that switch to run a rule and that rule does multiple things (including setting the mode)

Also in Google assistant you can couple this to the Assitant's already built in "Goodnight" routine by setting this switch to be turned on when you say "Ok Google, Goodnight" along with other assistant functions (like tell you the weather..etc). To me it's a really clean way of doing it.

Yes, I've done the same however since the Hubitat Google Home integration directly supports changing modes, I figured I'd try that route.

The mode change can also be directly tied to a Google Assistant routine like you mention, which is how I'm using it.

I too have found virtual switches to be 100% reliable with both of the assistants. Anything else is subject to the occasional or frequent “Sorry [device X] is not responding”, and yet they perform the action anyway.

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If you driver uses the "Switch Level" capability to modify the volume, then you should be able to control it through GH as a dimmer. I.e. "Set Whole Home Audio to 50%".

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How are you changing the Hubitat mode via Google Assistant? When I try to ask my GH to change to Day mode or Night mode it always says it doesn't understand. I think you have to use a virtual switch. Then in your Assistant Routine, you would command the switch to turn on rather than the changing of the mode. That's probably why your routine never finishes correctly.

If you edit one of the Google Assistant routines, there's an "adjust scenes" option that lists any Hubitat modes you've enabled through the Google Home Hubitat app. This is what I'm using to switch my system to Night mode.

Also, the change to night mode is successful, but the Google home reports that there was an error. I imagine that Hubitat is simply not handling the transaction correctly.

Hence why I said use the virtual switch.

Work arounds are all well and good, but the bug should still be fixed. I'd rather use the native mode change and avoid the extra virtual device if possible.

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Well, yeah...but you're assuming that HE isn't responding to what assistant is sending. I wouldn't assume that. Now, HE will most likely have to fix it to get it to work but I wouldn't assume that's where the root cause is.

But you also wanted to know how to get it to work without an error. You can Don Quixote it and keep yelling at those windmills if you want. Me, I just like stuff to work.

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Oddly I'm getting that error for just about any call to Google right now with hubitat. I get a long pause and then "Hubitat's not responding" followed by it actually changing the switch. So I wonder if the error you are getting is not specific to modes.

Perhaps, although I don't get errors for any other interaction.

This is google, they were down for a bit, everyone had issues.

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