Good morning, how to make a switch/button do nothing

  1. I’m sure this has been answered, I searched and am unable to find. Sorry

Say I have a switch, in my case a wink relay. As of now, when I press the button, it just cuts power to my lights to shut them off. I don’t want that, because I have hue light. I’d like a rule

When wink relay bottom button is pressed, toggle hue lights.

I figured the way to achieve this is

Trigger- wink relay button is pushed

Event 1 (I need help) wink relay does NOTHING

Event 2 turn hue lights to toggle

Any help would be appreciated, thank you

What’s the model # of this device? Generally speaking, when you turn a relay on/off, that’s exactly what it does; it opens and closes the circuit, so any load attached will lose power when the relay is open.

I think zooz makes some z-wave switches that can be configured not to do this as a default behavior though, so it really depends on the exact device you’re working with.

This one, thank you [Beta] Wink Relay - LAN Integration

As I recall there is a setting (buried in the Wink Relay app's menu) that allows configuring the top light load and bottom light load switches for either a 'smart bulb' application (in which case a button press will not change the physical switch directly), a regular bulb (which will get turned on and off directly with a button press), as well as 'nothing attached'. Would that suffice?

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No, because once it hacked, it only uses Hubitat not the wink app

But that does suggest the device is physically capable of that, which I believe is what you’re looking for.

Sorry I probably can’t help at this point, since it all depends on what device functions the hubitat integration is able to configure.

Have you posted in that thread you linked to? @josh may know more since he created the integration.

Yes and thank you

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It's been a while since I've used Wink Relays in my home, but I'm pretty sure I included an option in the STWinkRelay app for choosing what action is taken when the button is pressed just like what @Tony mentioned. (Eg. control relay or do nothing)

The 'Control Relay' option should control the built-in relay and whatever load is connected to it like a normal light switch would.

The 'Do Nothing' option is for the situations you mentioned - running a scene or controlling other devices through rules on the platform. (eg. the button push event is sent to the platform, but the built-in relay shouldn't do anything)

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Under action then switch and buttons, there is only on, off, do nothing

Can you share a screenshot / photos of what you are looking at?

It's been a while, but I used to do something very similar to what you are referring to. My top relay was connected to an actual load and my bottom relay was disconnected. As such, I had the top button set to toggle the top relay and the bottom button effectively did nothing... and since the button event was sent across to Hubitat, I had a rule setup that would control a nearby lamp.


Also my screen keeps turning on, does it turn on when it reads every temp change?

Thanks for the screenshots. Those appear to be screenshots from Hubitat's Rule Engine. You'll need to physically interact with your Wink Relay and open the custom STWinkRelay app to access the configuration I'm referring to.

There a only two switches with on and off only

Edit , sorry, needed app update

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