Gledopto LED Controllers

I am looking to get Gledopto LED Controllers. Will it support by HE?

  1. Gledopto WW/CW Controller
    factory price gledopto WW/CW smart control zigbee system wireless control led lighting controller 12v 24v rgb dimming switch LED|RGB Controlers| - AliExpress

  2. Gledopto RGB+CCT (1 ID) Controller
    Home smart zigbee controller compatible with echo plus smartthings Voice Controlled RGB+CCT color DC12 24V work with zigbee hub|RGB Controlers| - AliExpress

I have the 2AR8F-GL-C-008 model and it works with HE using the Generic ZigBee RGBW Light driver.

Yes both should be fine. Just avoid the 2-ID one which is not officially supported still as far as I know.

I have 2 Gledopto RGBCCT modules with 24V strips since months and they are working as expected.

For the WW/CW device, I would recommend trying the Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev) driver. The controller is compatible with the Hue Bridge and that is the driver that is used for Hue CT lights that are directly connected to Hubitat. So, it stands to reason that the controller would be 100% compatible with that driver.

May I know which driver did you use?

I have a concern. The model GL-C-008 which is RGBCCT is different from RGBW.

this is my order

Got it. Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

It doesn't matter to the driver. The driver is just going to order the device to set to a specific Color or Color temp. It's up to the firmware in the controller to figure out how to get that color of light out of the LED strip.

There is a vast difference between RGBW and RBBCCT. If there is only driver for RGBW, we're not able to get the best out of the Warm & Cold LED lights.

I meant from a Hubitat/zibee command perspective. All of what you are talking about is in the firmware of the controller. Hubitat doesn't care how many channels the controller has. The commands to it are the exact same.

I'm interested in purchasing this same LED Strip. Do you know how the light behaves after a power failure? Does the light automatically turns on? Or remains off? Or does it go back to previous state?

I have one of the legit Gledopto, and one of the clone ones, and neither turn on after a power outage.

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I purchased the gledopto (GL-C-008S 24V and Led flex strip 24V RGB+W+C, model MF350Z090A80) on Aliexpress and I made this test:

I removed physically the power supply while having different settings (ON, OFF, Full bright, blue, yellow, etc).
Whatever the state, I fully recover the state if was before the shut down.
If the strip was ON, blue, 50% => power OFF (main circuit) => wait few minutes => power ON (main circuit) => strip is ON, blue, 50%

So, for me, all is ok and as expected.

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Does anyone have the Gledopto Controller Pro (GL-C-008P model - the black box)? Does it work well? Thanks!

I'm crossing my fingers that it will work as it dows with the Generic RGBW driver on the mini controller that comes in this kit: GLEDOPTO 5V USB LED Strip Light TV Background Lighting Kit LED RGBCCT ZigBee Smart APP Amazon Alexa Echo Plus Desktop Background|RGB Controlers| - AliExpress.
HE found it without problems and it works fine to set the color temperature to get the CCT part of the strip to glow at 25-2700 K also. RGB is no problem too.

Ordered some of the GL-C-006P, GL-C-009P and GL-C-008P today, so hope they work... Fingers crossed. Also ordered:
Gledopto Smart Zigbee-RF Bridge and Gledopto DC24V COB LED Flex Strip Light 5m 420LED/m 2700K Warm White so have a lot of fun testing comming up! :slight_smile:
Merry Christmas!

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I got the black model and it seems to work fine for the first tests I did. I'm still waiting some parts to be able to install behind the tv and do more tests (2 months waiting now :frowning )

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Great news! Thanks! Gamble paid off. :slight_smile:
I ordered one more of this one to put behind the TV. Demands an Android device or Windows computer, but is works greate without lag and every diode is adressable, so it follows the color all around the picture edge.