GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Dimmer - Turns Off and then On again

I have an odd issue with one of my GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Dimmers. When running a RM 4.0 rule against it (e.g. turn off all lights at night) it will turn off the light, but still report as "On"

The light itself does not actually come back on, but HE shows it as "On". This bounce happens very quickly, a hundred milliseconds. Any ideas how I can possibly protect against this?

Getting the light to show "Off" again was something I was able to do by just using a refresh command against it, I didn't have to physically/digitally tell the switch to turn on or off. I am using the stock Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer device type.

Might want to take a look at one of the user drivers. I know mine shouldn't do that, as I was careful to take the dimming speed into account with the level & OFF reporting.

If it is the non-quick fit / shallow mount verson then:

If it is the new quick fit/shallow mount then it would be:

Switched! I'll let you know how it goes. PS, what is "Dimmer General Settings"?

Not sure offhand, where do you see "Dimmer General Settings" listed?

Oh! That is just the section heading/description of what the following parameters are for. Next one is Association Groups, for example, then Logging.

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