Garage Dry Switch with Tilt sensor

I pretty much lost all faith with my MyQ garage door conversion thing.. It works about 20% of the time, then yells at me for it being open when it was closed and then opens again /rant

I installed a Remotec ZFM-80 dry switch, and it works great! open's and closes.

But I cant seem to get a Garage control button working, since I do not know how to get the button and my tilt sensor to work together.

I have done a million searches, perhaps I do not understand some of the other threads.

I haven't memorized the links, but from what I can remember, you need a Tilt Sensor to go along with your Dry Contact. There is a Driver (possibly an App) that joins the two into one using the built in Virtual GDO driver. After that you just use it like it was "real"

(I have a "real" one, the Linear/GoControl and it's got it's own set of problems for me, so I decidedto ignore it's open/close and use a ZWave Tilt Sensor that's been on the door since before I got the Linear. I am much happier now :smiley: My Dashboard still uses the GDO tile, but adjacent to it I have the Tilt Sensor. All alerts/notifications though, use the tilt Sensor only.)

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I automated my garage door recently with a contact sensor, a smart plug, and a relay. Hooked it right up to my button. But my door is older, so it was easy to wire in. Here is the link to my post. If I remember right, there were other links that were posted there for ideas as well.

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Samsung Contact sensor has a tilt sensor built in. Not cheap, but they dont miss a beat. It even seems to have debounce built in, as I never get double readings with this device.

I dont use it as a tilt sensor on my garage dorr, but I did check out the tilt readings for a while before it was deployed. I read it does chew through the batteries if the tilt sensor is activated via the settings within Hubitat.

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