[Release] Virtual Garage Door App/Driver (ST Port)

I struggled at first to make this work using my MimoLite and Ecolink Tilt sensor as it did not have the "acceleration" attribute. This combination worked well for years in my previous SmartThings setup using the Rboy Garage Door Manager app.

I fortunately had a SmartThings Multisensor V4 that, once I put a fresh battery in it, provided all the needed attributes that your app needed to function. Even the Dashboard tile works great!

Thank you very much peng1can!

Glad it's working. I got everything built and assembled and tested when I moved into my new house, but the garage has been too full for me to get to actually use the app myself!

Anyone have status sync issues when using both actual garage door openers and button controllers to open and close the garage door? The Dashboard tile and the virtual garage door attributes get out of sync sometimes and show the door status as opposite of what the actual garage door state is.

Are there any logs I can look at or upload here to help in the troubleshooting?

Thank you!

I just switched over from st yesterday. I spent all last night moving over my devices. I ran a similar smart app thru st that gave the option to turn off the switch after a second or two. I am using a st multi purpose sensor for the tilt sensor, and a st smart switch for the switch. I built my own relay using 12vdc to close the contacts on the garage opener. The switch is turned on sending 12vdc to the NO relay and closing it simulating a wall switch push. Using that app it would also turn off the switch to open back up that relay after two seconds. Is there a way to do the same thing using this app? Thanks for the help in advance.

When you create a Virtual Switch, you have the option of turning it off after some time.

ST "simulated..." = Hubitat's "virtual..."

So I would create a virtual switch using the st switch then use the virtual switch instead of the actual switch in the garage door app?

There has been discussion about a DIY Garage Door App.. one that 'combines' two physical devices.

I found this discussion:

there could easily be more...

I have this code installed and am using a smartthings outlet to turn on a 12 volt relay to close the contacts on the garage door opener simulating a push of the opener button. I have the app up and running, and it all seems to work ok except for one part. I can not figure out how to turn the outlet off after a few seconds automatically after turning it on. Since the outlet is staying on I have to manually go in and turn the outlet off before I can cycle the door again. Any idea how to fix this?

Please see this thread:

So I have an extra Smartthings sensor, that works with this, but at the moment, I have a V2 NYCE tilt sensor that worked fine the the MyQ.

Anyone got this to work, or do I have to use a device with an acceleration monitor?


so to add to this. So everything works fine.. the problem I have, is once the door is open, and I start my motorcycles (and no they are not crazy loud belive it or not) it sets off the accell sensor. meaning when I back the bike out, sometimes I have to wait for it to let me close the garage.

so there is no way to get it to work with just a tilt sensor and nothing else?

is there any other apps?

@peng1can very cool app sir!

Im just in the process of building a new garage door setup to replace my dead Aeotec GD controller.

This time I'm using a z-wave zConnect Controller with wired contacts for detecting open/closed and a Tilt sensor (YTD which one) for detecting door movement.

I set up a virtual garage door following your instructions but the one thing I'm puzzling over is the Dashboard tile for garage control - it doesnt seem to work. However, the status tile does.

Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 8.02.41 am

Any chance you could update your virtual driver so the "garage control" tile works with it? I prefer to have a single tile for increased WAF.

From a safety standpoint the control tile is better than a switch tile because if you click on it by accident, it throws up an "are you sure" dialogue box and doesn't do anything until you confirm the requested action.

Back when I had a Vera Hub. I accidentally closed the garage door on my wife while scrolling through devices on my phone (she was about to close her SUV tailgate and it nearly crushed her hand against the door), as it lacked this feature. As you can imagine, I spent some time in the dog house for that incident.

Sorry I can't help, I tried 3 hubs and could never get a stable z-wave network with Hubitat, so I never managed to use this app myself. I moved on to a different platform (z-wave problems fixed instantly), so I think it's safe to say this code is unsupported.

Sorry to hear that. :frowning:

fair enough

Try this. I use it and works good

/ Mattias


Cheers, I'll take a look.

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I just tried it and the Dashboard Tile "Garage (control)" doesnt work on it either.

For Me it works...
Do you use garage controll for tile?

Have you entréer right sensors in the app?

I got it working. :slight_smile:

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