Garage door automation - Zooz Zen16

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum and to home automation. I've got a HE, a bunch of Google devices and an Ecobee thermostat that I've been playing with, but I'd like to add my first real home automation setup. My plan is to use the Zooz Zen16 multirelay to automate my 2 garage doors. I'd also like to add some contact sensors to confirm the door position. I'll add a camera to the garage to make sure it's working properly and to avoid the scenario where the door goes down on top of the cars bumper over and over.

Here's my question. How do I signal the Zen16 to trigger the door? Is it as simple as sending it an action through the hub, or do I need some type of external switching device? The garage door wiring diagram on the product webpage seems to indicate i need some type of physical switch for each output of the relay. I thought the point of the relay being Z-Wave enabled was so it could be controlled directly.

I'll tag @agnes.zooz to see if she can help!!

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I use 3 of those devices to control my landscape lighting. I do not use the "switch" portion of the device at all, everything is automated via Hubitat. I think that is an "optional" feature (I am thinking of put a LV light in my tool and wood sheds, where it might be nice to have a switch. Until of course I add lux/motion/contact sensor to automate that too. Oh where does it end!! :rofl:)

Also if you have an existing "switch" (mines uses a door bell device) to trigger the garage door, you could wire it in maybe?

You might also want to check out this app. It is beta, and I do not use it (I have an iris G-door opener), but read about it the other day and it might help in your instance to simplify the rule process.


Thanks for the input @TechMedX. That answers my question.

Thanks a lot for the extra option. Like I didn't already have enough decisions to make while in isolation!! :rofl: Seriously though, that looks like exactly what I want to do.


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We also hope to release a dedicated smart app to easily set-up the ZEN16 as a garage door opener soon. I'll post a link to it as soon as it's ready but if you have any questions regarding the product in the meantime, don't hesitate to reach out to our support or send me a message here!


Thanks @agnes.zooz. Please do let me know when it's ready. Do you have any information about how it will work? Will it be a stand-alone Zooz app or will it be code to integrate into HE?

I'm getting my supplies order in today probably. Like a lot of other people, I'm got some spare time on my hands these days.


I'll definitely keep you posted. It will be an app coded for HE so a pretty standard process to integrate it with the system. We'll create detailed instructions though so it's easy to use for anyone on the HE platform.


@agnes.zooz Do you have an ETA on the new app?

Not yet but it shouldn't take longer than a week or two.

I'll PM you the beta code links and description.

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I got the relay yesterday and I'm wiring it up today. I was going to use the USB-C port to power it, but I noticed that there is a 12v input as well. I have an old modem power adapter laying around that has an output of 12v and 1.0A. Would this work to power the relay if I cut the connector off?


I don't know, but @agnes.zooz should be answer to answer that...

Yes, 12 V (AC or DC) will work just fine. Just be careful to connect it to the + and - terminals and not to the Sw terminals next to it since that could damage the device. And please NEVER power the device with both 12-24 V and USB at the same time.


Hi guys, the garage app for the ZEN16 is ready and you can get the installation instructions here. Let me know if you have any comments or requests!


I've installed this solution and it works perfectly. Big thanks to @agnes.zooz and the team at Zooz. Now I just need to figure out how to integrate it into the rest of my smart home.


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Presence sensor/geofence via app.

Wife comes home, HE senses presence detectors; door opens before she gets up the driveway.

Unfortunately my truck doesn't fit, I only get lights on if dark :man_shrugging:


When you go to bed (or leave the house) - make sure that the doors are locked and the garage door is down.

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Does anyone know if you can use this with Alexa without a passcode? The main reason I ordered the Zen16 was to control the garage door with Alexa because my push button door opener switch is flaky at best. And a new switch was close to the cost of the Zen16.


If you're using my Zooz Garage Door Opener app then you can add the Garage Door device it creates and ZEN16 child device to Alexa.

You can ask her the state of the garage door device and you can toggle the door by asking her to turn that relay on.

It's not a great solution, but it will work...

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I found your app and it is working great so far.

Just need to find a Z-wave number pad I can mount outside the door.


I know its still possible to find the old IRIS alarm key pads....which are compatible with HE. I wonder f they will work for the garage door opener? I swear..the next time my linear garage door opener acts up...i'm replacing it with a ZEN