Floor Heating Thermostat (EU)

Hi everyone (1st post),
I'm remaking construction and im going to make electrical floor heating.

i went trough the "List of Compatible Devices" and the "Community Device Drivers" but somehow i couldn't find a floor heating thermostat which is compatible with Hubitat & Zigbee or LAN or Z-Wave (EU).

Do you guys know of any electrical floor heating thermostat that work with HE ?

Thank you

I'm currently putting underfloor heating into a new bathroom. I've got me one of these:

I have it connected up to HE and while it's not yet connected to the floor to do its real job,, the device seems to be working talking fine to HE. It's Z-Wave+ using the Generic Thermostat Driver.


Great, what driver did you use ?
Can you keep me posted when it's connect to the floor ?

What about your heating, you took water or elec? if elec, can you tell me the solution you choose, im still undecided.

Thanks @Simon !

The Generic Z-Wave Thermostat Driver.

Heating is a gas boiler and rads. House has had rads since built 40 years or so ago. I have eTRV's on the rads - Z-Wave Danfoss LC-13's - I have the house zoned, with remote Z-Wave Horstrmann/IQE/Secure SRT321's (they are all the same device under different names). A Secure SSR302 dual Z-Wave switch is on the boiler (controlling 2 physical zones). A Secure SSR303 Z-Wave switch on the boiler controls the hot water. The hot water tank also has an immersion as a backup and it has a Secure SIR302 Z-Wave switch.

Today I'm playing with a zigbee Drayton Wiser eTRV trying to get it to work - a HE driver is an issue, I'm trying to get a SmartThings one to work. I find sometimes some of my Danfoss ones lose control of the valve and need to get re-calibrated onto the valve. If I can get better battery life that would be a plus.

All fun and games !!!!


I've found turn them 4 degrees when not required helps with both calibration and battery life.
Ie when I'm out set them to 4

Yep - I live in Ireland and USA - a few weeks here then a few weeks there, then a few weeks here...... They all go to 4 degrees when I go to USA, but frequently when I come back at random some have let loose and are no longer controlling the valve (but talking away happily to HE)....

Probably need to take them to 28 and back to 4 once a week

I could do that..............


Hi Anthony, maybe that thermostat could do that you are looking for ?

I bought that same thermostat some weeks ago but I haven't tested it yet with my electrical floor heating, but I have their other zigbee thermostats (TH1123ZB & TH1124ZB), and they work very well either with Hubitat and with their own platform (Neviweb). I don't know if they are compatible with your EU installation but it should. Feel free to contact the company in french, that company is in my home town and they are all french speakers :wink:

Thanks, ill contact them !