Z wave thermostat

Looking to replace my existing underfloor heating thermostats (x10) . I'm in the UK if that makes a difference . What would people recommend? I was looking at this one

Z-Wave TKB Thermostat for Floor Heating - Gen5 Migration_Thermostats TKB

Once installed I'd like to have the heating come on based on a z wave sensor

Let me know your thoughts/recommendations

I have electric underfloor heating in my consrvatory.
I could never get the previously installed (dumb) thermostat to work well enough.

So, I replaced the thermostat with a z-wave switch (fibaro)
Then I added a couple of temperature sensors to the room and wrote an app to control it all
I aggregate the temperatures from the sensors to set a ‘virtual’ temp device and use the readings from this to control the fibaro to turn the heating on/off

One thing I also did is use one sensor on the window, this gave me a reading of how cold the metal is (so if it’s colder outside the aggregation changes)
It took a while to get the correct settings but now the conservatory is always ‘a nice temperature’ as my wife declares :slight_smile:

Custom Apps used:
Average All
Temperature Controlled Switch


I've got this in my bathroom, it's a bit chatty, and only reports in full degrees, so around the midpoint keeps switching between the full degrees . Dose the job though.

Also works with stock driver

Picking up on cobra point, all these insulation have the issue of either working from floor probe OR room stat on the device, neither on there own work wel

Be great if you could wire it up to a dimmer and vary the current to smooth out peaks

@Cobra thanks for the explanation However that’s a little more advanced than I was looking for. Good to know it can be done that way

@mark.cockcroft thanks for confirming that they work I’ll get one ordered and give it a try.

I have it set during day to 17 (radiator in room as well), then at bath time a RM rule kicks in to 22, then 30min later 20 for rest of evening. Only issue I've noticed is clock drift which doesn't matter if you're using HE to command it.

In ST I wrote a custom driver which set the time every day, I dont think the stock HE driver dose this but I've not looked since moving from ST

Edit just looked, only a minute out after being on HE for about a month
Edit.. it also doesn't report heating/idle very well/often, ie when icon on display shows its actually heating is doesn't report unless there is a big delta between actual temp and demand temp

Thanks for mentioning this. I'll be using it in areas where the schedule would be random. I was thinking if sensor picks someone in the room for more than 3 mins it would the room 21 degrees, once the sensor detects inactivity for say 30 mins it would stop heating.

Although thinking about it the ground floor would need to be scheduled as it would be underfloor heating and not radiators.

I suppose if i scheduled the whole system with HE that would get round the clock drift. I just hope HE is up to the job as it will be alot of money invested in it.

Do you know if the stats also become signal repeaters as they are wired in?

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Yea I use HE to schedule everything so drift not an issue.
I dont know about reaping not even sure if its z-wave plus. I've a z-stick comming soon so should be able to see a map of the mesh

When the stick comes if you could report back if they are that would be great :slight_smile:

Well first job will to work out how to use the software, second will be work out how to understand what the software is telling me ! :wink:

this is the one i have says its z-wave plus, so it should

ordered one for testing!