Flair Smart Vents Support

heres an app that does that this part and optionally more :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response. I don't need the occupancy, since I mainly want to control the vents during the night and there is no movement.

Is there integration with ecobee3 and Flair smart vents? I do not find either on the approved device list will.

Ecobee is built in. Flair is not. I see flair has a published api, so it could be done. I'll add it to the requested integration list. Does anyone have flair vents?

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I have a flair puck I got to control a window a/c, but no vents since I have no central hvac.

Overall I’m not super impressed with their puck, compared to similar products like sensibo.

But if it were integrated with HE, I’d probably make use of that.

@marktheknife, I don't use the Flair Puck to give my opinion. I use an integration into Smartthings (written by Yves Rancine). I also use webCoRE in my scenario.

The Smartthings integration allows me to use the ecobee sensors to monitor the temperature of specific rooms and adjust the smart vents accordingly. I put the vents into manual mode via the Flair app and don't touch the Flair app.

I initially had Keen Home smart vents, which had built-in integrations into Smartthings, but I found their vents to be mechanically lacking behind the Flair vents. I was having to modify the vents to keep them from rattling and whistling. Plus, I did not like how the grill stuck out from the floor.

@patrick, it would be great if it could be added to Hubitat. If so, I'd buy a box right after I see the announcement.

Is there a living list of devices that are 'built-in' the Hubitat ecosystem? The list I found did not show the ecobee.


sure. occupancy is optional though. if you setup the temperature rule to maintain temperature between certain hours independent of occupancy that works as well.

thank you.

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I've been looking to purchase some Flair vents before the cold weather gets here (Boston, MA area). But they have been out of stock for several months now (4x10). Makes me very nervous about buying from this company. Either they are really bad at inventory control or don't have the cash to produce more product. Either way it's not a good way to run a business.

From my understanding, they cannot keep up with demand. They have been producing them in smaller batches, to keep the inventory low (which company's want) for accounting and budgetary reasons. That is done where I work and I work for a much larger company. Flair is small and they don't have the business case to mass produce thousands of vents (from my perspective) a week. That is my best guesstimate from the business side. I'm sure there are other factors.

I was lucky, all of my vents were 4x10, so I ordered them and I believe I had them about a week later.

If you consider the discounts, they are nearly half the cost of the Keen vents.

Well, Ken, I asked you many times to send me some logs of your issues, but you never did.

To my knowledge, you're the only one with this timeout issue, so I cannot help you without logs.

@fisheromega, do you have any errors in your logs?

The things you're saying here in the Hubitat forum are totally different what you wrote to me in your emails: you were complaining about the Flair APIs and their latency...

P.S. BTW, the Flair APIs are poorly documented as they have made many changes since their inception, so I doubt that anybody will be able to create some DTHs like I did without significant efforts.... FYI, it took me more than 6 months to get straight answers from them about the Flair APIs.

Good luck with Hubitat!

@yracine66, are looking for logs from Hubitat or Smartthings?

If it from Hubitat, I have none because I still use your Flair Vents code on Smartthings (there is no port into Hubitat at this time). The Flair Vents and my ecobee are the last things I have on Smartthing s hub. Which is a shame that I cannot go to one hub.

If you are looking for Smartthings logs, I do not see any errors. They were not returning the correct open/close code back to Smartthings for a while (no errors in the logs), but that might be resolved. There is a delay with them opening/closing, but that is expected. They are cloud based, Smartthings is cloud based, WebCoRE is web based. I figure when I do have issues, it's due to all the hopping the request has to go through.

@yracine66, it is good to know that the have massively updated their API. That explains why there may be periodic issues.

@patrick, did the Flair Vents get into the integration queue for a future update?

Hi @fisheromega, I was talking about the SmarThings logs... Thnx for your feedback. FYI, I have a new version at my store (V1.1.5) which corrects some minor desynchronization issues with the Flair APIs.

My point to Hubitat owners is that creating a Flair integration is not easy as the APIs are poorly documented and, frankly there is no enough Flair users out there to invest in such an integration.


Maybe if they actually had vents in stock there would be more users! I was very interested in ordering 4 vents midsummer...still waiting for 4x10's to be in stock. Unless something drastic happens with them, I won't be purchasing from this company.

Too bad, they had pretty good reviews.

I’m gonna amend what I said above, I have been sufficiently dissatisfied with how their puck functions that it’s unlikely I would try to integrate it into HE at all.

I got a couple used ZXT-120s at a good price recently so when it gets warm again next spring I will probably use one of them to control my window a/c that I’ve been trying to automate with the flair puck.

Hi @yracine66,

My sincerest apologies, I never meant this as a public attack on you or your work. When we discussed, you were prompt to make an adjustment with the levels that wasn't working correctly, again, something that was broken by Flair changing things in the API.

You did state that this was more of a Flair API issue, which I tend to agree. That is why I explained that I wasn't sure where the issue is coming from.

Again, I want to offer my apologies if anything I said was taken as an insult to your or your work. That was not my intention.

Flair's support has been less than helpful with any issues reported. To deal with vents losing the proper status in Smartthings, I've tried all kinds of crazy things to force refreshes and alike.

Flair doesn't seem to know and only suggests using their software instead of going through Smartthings.

I read all of your support guidelines and while I don't mind spending a few bucks here and there, I just didn't feel I could purchase an official support package. I always try to be respectful of a devs time, especially since they get stuck dealing with users that are technically challenged.

I'll leave this as it is and amend my original post. I'll ping you offline. I'd be happy to do whatever it takes to help you improve leveraging their API. I just didn't want to come off as an incompetent user that was begging for free support.


Yes! New member on the forum but not a hubitat owner. Before I spend a considerable time on a new hub, I must be sure my ecobee3/ecobee4 and flair vents can be controlled by Flair pucks through the Hubitat hub.

Welcome to Hubitat @dougns57! For your question ... no. Hubitat will handle the ecobee, but not Flair. I still use my SmartThings hub (and WebCoRE) for my Flair vents, in conjunction with my ecobee on SmartThings. It is unfortunate to have to use two hubs, especially one hub just for the vents.

You could use the Flair vents with the Ecobee, but it integrates using the Ecobee Internet API, and that is far too flaky and unstable to use as a base for anything, IMHO.

I don't connect my Ecobee to the Hubitat any longer, as I could never trust the data that was seen by Hubitat, so vent control or even temperature setting was infuriatingly unreliable.

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