First Alert Zcombo Generation 2

Hello, looking for some assistance. I just purchased 3 of the zcombo Generation 2 zwave plus. I was able to get them to pair, however, I think the driver needs to be updated. When the device paired it came in as device not generic zwave smoke like the generation 1 does. I was able to change the device to the zwave driver and it seems to work. However, I am getting an unknown alert in the logs, so I think the driver needs to be updated to accommodate the gen2. Anybody else have this issue?

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Where did you buy them?

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I know Brain was looking for them.

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They just came out 2 months ago according to zwave.

DId it offer S2 security during pairing? Maybe the older driver might not accomodate that well.

New features:

  • This device is certified to work with Ring; Enjoy improved compatiblity, easier setup and a seamless in-app experience
  • Receive real-time notifications in the Ring App when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected
  • The Z-Wave Plus with Smart Start feature allows a faster and more intuitive connection of device to hub and on-boarding via QR code scan located on device

I do not use S2, all my devices are Security none. However, it did give all the checkboxes which I unselected on pairing. The driver works, I just get the below in my log, Unknow Alarm Report. It happens every hour so pretty sure it is just the sleepy device waking up every hour. All functions work.

Thanks for confirming.

Here is the first alert driver I use for the device

Costco has the 3 for $79.99 deal running through 10/19:

Paired easily for me, but same experience, had to switch from “Driver” to “Generic Z-Wave Smoke/CO Detector”. Also seeing the unknownAlarmReport hourly but didn’t realize it was something unexpected

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I am sorry that does not seem to be the same model that we are discussing in . The Costco version does not have the Zwave PLUS symbol, while the amazon version does. I am assuming that is why there is such a price difference.

Is that Driver for the 1st or 2nd gen detector. It seems it is for the 1st gen?

I had to go look at mine I just bought a new one (#7) and it appears to be first gen so I suppose all mine are just first gen units.

I can't see outside of security between the two that the same driver would not work between the first and second gen. Still reporting the same things between them, worth a try if it works your set.

@Jasonrwise77, I'm stuck. @bcopeland or @bobbyD will chime in if HE has any info on this new version.

I have the five of the 1st gen using the HE generic Z-Wave driver and don't get any of that odd logging, so it just may be that the built-in driver needs a tweak to work w/the gen 2 detector.

:eyes:.. I have been trying to get my hands on the new version.. I have the old and they didn’t change the model number.. So I re-ordered and got the old version

Nope, Costco units I received were the new model.



Looks like Costco is your friend, @bcopeland. :wink:

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Not too surprised by this - they have Honeywell dimmers and switches on their site and all of the pics/info they have is for the older Z-Wave version, but what they actually ship is the newest Z-Wave Plus version.

Just checked and they do have the info on works w/Ring, so they did update that info, but don't differentiate between saying "Z-Wave" and "Z-Wave Plus" in the description info.

I have a first gen (?) that I bought about 2 years ago. For the past year, understanding and ignoring the risk, it's sitting on a shelf with the batteries pulled. Because... it frequently decided the batteries needed to be replaced and always at or around 2am.

Has anyone else experienced that? Is there good reason to think these Gen 2 units would be more well-behaved?

I haven't experienced that w/my 5 gen 1 Zcombos. Mine are all about 5 years old.

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