Firmware update: Third Reality Multi-Function Night Light firmware update

No, and in looking at the logs, it senses the motion, it just doesn't turn on the light sometimes.

And just to be clear, I'm talking about some internal device function that turns the light on for motion, and turns it off after a period. Not an HE rule or function.

It might be related to the light levels. I expect the light only comes on when it is dark. How do you control the light? Do you set the level to 0 or do you turn off the switch? Using the switch might change the behavior.

Now you have me curious. I have a rule that turns the light on and off with motion. I have disabled that and will have to see how it behaves tonight. If there’s no way to turn off the auto light then that will put a hitch in my plans. I wanted to use it as a status light.

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Good point on the light levels, and logically that makes more sense. I'll add that to my observation points. Thanks for the tip!

I use the 'on' and 'off' commands in RM to command the light on and off during the bedtime hours.

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It would appear that you were right on the money. And, it would help if I would RTFM.
If I'm reading that correctly, it matches what I think I was seeing with regard to the 'local routine.' I didn't put it together until I read that, but I was confused the other night because the night light should have been 'off,' but the light-on-motion was working. I couldn't get the light-on-motion to work the next day, though. I was seeing the 12-hour window come into play.

I think you'll be fine. (ETA: I got it wrong twice three times.) Just disable the 'local routine' and your rule should run unencumbered and the light should never come on without a command.

I wonder if the 12 hour window after a command impacts the chatty behavior too? My sensor goes through periods of quiet alternating with periods of endless banter.

Would you please ask if the sensitivity can be set? I'm sitting about five feet in front of one and I have to wave my arms frantically to get it to trigger.

Most of the time I like the pet aware sensitivity of some sensors. In this case I am looking more for the sensitivity of an Iris V2. If it can't be configured then I don't mind that much but it would be good to have the manufacturer state what to expect. It seems to be a narrow detection cone with low sensitivity -- or did I just get a bad device?

Just shoot a message to support there and they're really responsive.

Ah, I thought you had an unofficial contact with them. I'll check out the support pages. Thanks

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I sent them a support request on Monday about my problem with the motion detection. I have not received any response from them. I am going to uninstall and return to Amazon when I get the time

I really want this to work, but I am quickly approaching this point. In addition to chattiness, I have observed a failure rate of about 20% in setting the appropriate light level. The device page reports as expected, so the physical light is intermittently failing to perform.

I was also getting alerts in the logs about the Location Events logs for”spammyDevices” saying it’s producing hundreds of events.

I’ve updated the firmware and that has sorta stopped for a few days.

But I had another oddity start up right after. The device would turn on the light from motion without a rule or anything.
Hitting “Configure” seemed to have made that stop for the mean time.

Only thing I don’t like now is that from the Device Page you can only adjust the light properties, not motion or Lux.

Check several posts up in this thread. Sending commands to the light will disable the auto on/off for 12 hours. Seems to be a feature. Note the bolded text.

Was this firmware update issue ever solved (obviously, not solved, but maybe a workaround)? I just got one of these. It's on the version shown. There's an update to 48, but it won't work as shown below.... just keeps "starting"

  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 3C
  • firmwareMT: 130D-0000-0000003C
  • manufacturer: Third Reality, Inc
  • model: 3RSNL02043Z
  • softwareBuild: v0.00.60

I don't know if it was ever resolved. I never ended up using the device as planned. It just didn't have the coverage I was looking for and I never got a response on how the detection cone was setup (like the motion sensors show).

I have been thinking about using the nightlight functionality for another project but haven't moved it to the new hub yet.

Long shot but you could try re-pairing the device(w/o removing it) right next to the hub, then try the firmware update