Firmware update: Third Reality Multi-Function Night Light firmware update

When I try and update the Third Reality Multi-Function Night Light from the device page it doesn't work. The log shows "Downloading firmware" then "Starting firmware update for...". After about a minute the starting update repeats for a total of 9 tries. All a little over a minute apart. It is trying to update from 030 to 032.

Otherwise it looks to be working well even if it isn't as sensitive as I would like.

The latest is .48 which they would have to provide to hubitat. Can you post your data section of your night light device page?

It is on .48 but appears to be referencing the application attribute.

Original post was from a machine that didn’t have access to my local network so no pretty pictures. :wink:

Maybe in a tech ticket 3rd realty and ask them to email the file to so @mike.maxwell can add it to the repository. I don't think there is a current file in there for them (it doesn't show when I try to update)

The firmware update for this device is broken i dont know the reason at the moment


Ahh, I didn't even see it try to update mine

Well there's yer problem. :wink:

Thanks for the info. I don't need an update (well I don't think I do). I got a new plug adapter today and was trying again with the placement of the device. I clicked update more out of curiosity. First time working with the multi-sensor. I just wish the detection cone was larger although I could find the smaller cone useful for other locations.

Seems that this thread started just as I added the MF light. I was getting dithering lux readings that were spamming every couple seconds and decided to check firmware.

It suggests that 0x32 is available, but it is good to know that this is a known issue.

As for dithering, I had the light in a dark, empty room overnight, so I will try again later. May it just needed to settle.

I read this TOTALLY wrong..... Took me a minute to work out Multi Function Light even though it's in the title of the thread........ hazards of being a Navy veteran I suppose....... :rofl:

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Not entirely unintentional. It is spamming the slightest lux change, as much as once per second. Over 2000 ZigBee messages in the first 24 hours.

It never responded (probably too busy telling me that illuminance changed from 56 to 54 to 56) to the off command this morning, so it stayed on all day. Not a great start.

Did I get a dud or are others seeing this behavior?

I haven’t looked at the # of messages, but mine is definitely twitchy spammy with lux changes.

ETA: I’m on the .48 firmware.

I haven't seen this behavior but I'm on a much higher firmware. I did reach out to 3rd reality to see if they'd send the latest firmware to Mike.


I’m seeing reports for minor changes too. I hadn’t noticed that yet. I’ve just been playing with the trigger. It seems to have a very narrow detection cone. I’m going to order an adapter so that I can angel it better.

I don’t think so. If you look at my post a bit higher in the thread the 30 referenced seems to be the application version. Mine shows 30/32 as well but I am on 0.48, the same as you.

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Seeing the same thing here...


Then that is the latest they have....

Yeah, I'd say it spits out some messages. It has been installed for less than a week. (5d 5h, to be exact.)

I’m seeing excessive lux traffic too. It isn’t an issue at the moment but something to keep an eye on.

I really wish there was an option to control the delta on the lux being reported. Something like "only report lux if changed by more than...".

This is after only 8 hours of having the device installed. It has already crept up to number one as far as the "count" column.

I would just turn it off. I only want motion and the light. I want to use the light as an indicator, not as a nightlight.