Finally!: Zigbee USB Smart Adaptor (SONOFF ZBMicro)

Finally got my ZMBicro firmware updated!
Didn’t realize the device needed to be named “ZBMicro” for the firmware file to be located.

Also, is there a way to see all of the Hubitat loaded firmware updates?

Would not have thought of that. Do you mean "Device Name" or "Device Label?"


Device Label

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I successfully updated the firmware on two, without ZBMicro in the label/name. (I updated them from the Device driver, not the Generic Zigbee Switch driver.)

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So sounds like a timing coincidence w/@TArman's success, then. Thanks for that info.

I should add that my initial attempt was to update the firmware from the Generic Zigbee Switch driver with a custom name (i.e. not ZBMicro), and it did not work. I changed to the Device driver with the same custom name, and this worked. I never tried to use the Generic Zigbee Switch driver with ZBMicro in the name.

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The device name/label definitely has nothing to do with the OTA updates.

For now, it seems that the ZBMicro works very well with the C-8 hubs (same Zigbee chipset) but doesn't play nice with the C-7 and older non-Zigbee 3.0 HE hubs.


Good to know. Getting closer to justifying my purchase of a C8.

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We fully support the "I want one" justification. Think of us as your enablers. :wink:

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Interesting that with a different name “1 Micro” it failed 3 times.
Changed name and updated.

When we experience a correlation that seems significant, it can lead us to determine causation that really doesn't exist.

It's like when my wife blames me for her unhappiness after 30-odd years of marriage. Also clearly correlation, not causation. :rofl:


Beginning to wonder if the blank/space in the name “1 Micro” FUBAR’d it???

[I know, another correlation!]

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A Tuya clone is now available in Zigbee version: (AliExpress)


The single USB connector (Zigbee) costs just US $6.45.

It could be less problematic than the Sonoff, who knows? I ordered one for tests.


Here's a few AE item numbers for the Tuya ZigBee version, different prices, different shipping costs.
And as always when ordering from AliExpress, YMMV. :wink:

1005006406053419 (from link above)




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Yep, you can search from AliExpress web page for an item number - same way as when searching in Amazon for a product Id (ASIN).

Note, that some AliExpress products are region restricted and could not be visible in EU or in the US/CA. As an example - I do not see product 1005007325056326

Hmm, that's the one with "Choice Free shipping over C$10.00" for me.
Must be a supplier/warehouse choice that ships direct to Canada.

In the past I've had the AE website do some strange things to my presets when clicking on posted links (changes language/currency), so I try and avoid doing that as much as possible.

I see it when I change the shipping address to the United States.
If I change the address to Canada, the item will disappear...

BTW, it is funny to see the Euro2024 football championship advertised on the site! :slight_smile:


Ha, yes, I'm sure they're like "Americans love football!" Well, yes, but... :rofl:

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:rofl: It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma, made into a shopping platform.
I also like how sometimes the price goes up when I log into my account, compared to the price shown in a private window. :thinking: :roll_eyes:
usb1 - Copy (2)


They really need to put that in the site header. Perfect. :smiley:

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