Fibaro RGBW Question

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As teh title suggests I am using the Fibaro RGBW controller. Everything is working as expected, but I did have a question.

I have not had the RGBW hooked up in some time, so it may be working correctly and my memory could just be shot. Anyhow - I don't recall if its normal for it to power back on in the last effect mode that was on.

For instance if I turn on police mode, than change the color to green a bit later and power it off, when it comes back on it goes into Police Effect again. Is that intended or is there a way to set mode off, before I power it down?

which device driver are you using?

I am using the Fibario RGBW one, should there be another one?

@AwShifts no @spike is having trouble finding the fiber rgbw driver, and he would like the link to it or the instructions to use it.

For me the drive was already built in. Once I installed it It was discovered automatically.

I did have trouble with it at first and changed it to the zooz one and then back to Fibaro with no issues after that.

@spike you've got your answer: it is a built-in system driver

my controller wonโ€™t respond to color changes. i will try what you did - switching to the zooz driver and back.

(mine also is always turning on to the preset - and since i couldnโ€™t control color at all i was feeling it was broken)

So I'm not sure if this will help 100% or not, but i finally went in and removed my Fibaro RGBW controller, did a reset of the controller (remove power, hold the 'B' button down, add power, release 'B' button, blue RGB should light up, remove power), then re-added the controller to HE and now it doesn't auto start the last Effect...

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how do you turn on police effect without webcore?can it be done directly from hubitat? i get no police or other effect for changing color automation

I use Sharptools for my dashboard /front end. and I think I created some automation from that, but in Hubitat if you take a look at devices you will see it here.

i saw how to set manually, i want to set them in some automation
for example if switch X is turned on then set my rgbw to police, this is what i can't seem to find unless i use webcore
seems that i have to choose a custom action in rule machine and it let's me to set the effect by assigning it a number

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